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East Africa appeal, again

November 15th, 2011

The East Africa appeal has less than a week to run, that is, until I have to run. There have been some generous donations, but the need is so great, I hope everyone who can afford it will dig deep, and contribute what they can.

Remember that donations are tax-deductible for Australian readers and that the Australian government will match all donations dollar-for-dollar, so every dollar you actually give translates into 2-4 dollars of desperately needed assistance.

You can donate with a credit card, cheque or Bpay by clicking on the “sponsor Me” link below the image on the right.

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  1. November 15th, 2011 at 13:24 | #1

    I agree on the level of need, and will be making a donation. However, I prefer to give to Oxfam than CARE (and I’d be making it whether you were running or not). If you want some record of the combined commitment of your readership I’m happy to participate but I’m not changing charities just to make you run faster.

  2. November 15th, 2011 at 17:15 | #2

    i’d say this is an opportunity for for some of those out there to cough up a few bucks for the free entertainment we all get from this blog


    if anyone (other than those who have already contributed) donates more than $250, or, if the target is exceeded

    i promise to only post well punctuated comments in the future

    and if the target is not met

    il strt wrtng like my kids – whch i ashR u wll mke u iR8


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