3 thoughts on “The moderate march chant

  1. The promising thing about EU federalism is that they seem to have arrived at a system that promotes competitive federalism on the taxation front whilst making it very difficult to increase centralised taxation. Even the defeated constitution put centralised taxation in a category that required unanimous support from all nations.

    The very positive things about the EU are thus:-

    1. Common stable unit of account.
    2. Free trade between member nations.
    3. Free movement between member nations.
    4. Decentralised taxation with competitive forces already pushing taxation downward (witness recent trends on taxation in Germany and France).

    There is a lot to complain about regarding the EU. But for those that love small government there are still some quite positive forces at work. So long as the institutional structures continue to make the central executive powers very limited things could work out well in the EU. The individual states have also thus far managed to continue to bear arms as part of an organised milita. Lets hope they continue to.

  2. Why did this thread die? I thought my quip was funny – as in, you know, as horse designed by committee.

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