One thought on “They who must not be named

  1. “They who must not be named” is the correct title of my comment. And indicates ‘we’ treat the elderly as invisibke & anonymous and do not attribute their contribitions.

    See below for black journalism and Murdoch – a harlequin bug in society, not a feature.

    Invisibility of the elderly is a main driver of why Covid killed so many elderly, and why personal responsibility continues to kill across society.

    Maybe +80 TV is needed.

    My new book:
    “Culture & Societies in Two Lessons:-
    ☆ Why Culture works so WELL, and why Society can FAIL so badly.”

    “Suicide rates reveal the silent suffering of Australia’s ageing men

    “In 2020, the overall suicide rate was 12.1 per 100,000 people.

    “But this issue is rarely addressed in public discourse or policy directives. The National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing released last month did not include data on people older than 85.

    “This risk is not new, but little has changed to address it over the past decade. In light of COVID and what it has revealed about ageism and the value of older people in our society, it is crucial to explore these issues again.

    The Royal Commission into Veterans Suicides REALLY p!ssed me off for not including the rest of society. Does the military think they’d be able to fight without society? Fail.

    JQ didnt say ” The prevalence of anonymous humans reflects an assumption that society should consist of a contest between the productive and the ex-productive, and that any outside interference (for example from Acoss and reseachers) is a threat to the proper working of the system. Even more, it reflects the cosy relationship between the political commentariat and the politicians themselves, epitomised by the name of their least favorite show, Old Outsiders.”

    Murdoch – a harlequin bug in society, not a feature.

    “Rupert Murdoch and The Black Art of Journalism
    By Eve Berliner

    …”Murdoch became Beaverbrook’s protégé, learning the Machiavellian secrets of building mass circulation at the specious hand of a master and the importance of maintaining total control.  Life in “the Beaverbrook brothel,” as Rupert wrote to a friend, was very stimulating indeed, “the Beaver” wicked, outrageous, great style, charisma; the Express, wild, racy and bold.
    Murdoch would thereafter embrace a philosophy of prurient, scandalous, visceral, pandering, uninhibited, right-wing journalism —  and the public devoured it.”

    “Lord Beaverbrook’s Fabrications in Politicians and the War, 1914–1916

    Published online by Cambridge University Press: 11 February 2009
    Peter Fraser

    1. Especially by biographers of Asquith. See Spender, J. A., Life of Asquith (2 vols. London, 1932), 11, 248–51:Google Scholar andJenkins, Roy, Asquith (London,1964), pp. 422–3, noticing how later historical accounts ‘lean heavily, with or without attribution, upon Beaverbrook’s version’, while Beaverbrook’s ‘facts’ may have been ‘only a surmise’. Google Scholar

    “Power Without Responsibility — The Prerogative of the Harlot Throughout the Ages

    “Yet, Baldwin’s plaudits were not universal. He criticized the newspapers of two powerful press barons:

    “The papers conducted by Lord Rothermere and Lord Beaverbrook are not newspapers in the ordinary acceptance of the term. (Cheers.) They are engines of propaganda for the constantly changing policies, desires, personal wishes, personal likes and dislikes of two men. (Loud cheers.)”

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