Mistaken identity

I was surprised to see a piece with the byline of Raymond Evans, and saying:
“After all, it’s one thing to behave like a rogue elephant on the international scene when you’re actually an elephant like the US but it’s another thing to posture like a rogue elephant when, in global terms, you scarcely carry the size and muscle of a wombat. Perhaps Howard is now wavering on Kyoto because he finally recognises this fact.”
This seemed like a huge turnabout from Ray Evans, eminence grise of the Melbourne right, secretary of the HR Nicholls society, founder of the Lavoisier Group etc etc.
Boringly enough, it turns out that Raymond Evans is a completely different bloke – he’s “a research scholar with the school of history, religion, classics and philosophy at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. ”
This is the second case of this kind to arise in Australia recently. Readers of Australian social commentary have been confused by the opinions of Peter Saunders. The original (and best, IMHO) is director of the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW. The other Peter Saunders is a relatively recent arrival from Britain, working for the Centre for Independent Studies. Readers who know the two institutions can make their own judgements about who is left and right, and about who is right and wrong.