Free the Tripoli Six

This Nature editorial reports the alarming news that six international health workers face execution in Libya on bogus charges of spreading HIV. As the editorial points out, despite the absence of any real improvement in its human rights record, Libya is being treated as a Beacon of Light by both the US and EU because it has backed off its previous support for terrorism and WMDs. It should be made clear to the Gaddafi regime that murdering aid workers is on a par with terrorism as a crime against the international community.

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7 thoughts on “Free the Tripoli Six

  1. As well as your talk at City Hall on Monday evening, this week, I attended a talk given by former UN weapons inspector Dr Rod Barton, who suggested that Libya has dismantled its weapons of mass destruction/nukes because, “it doesn’t want to end up like Iraq.”

    Libya of course is now a “client state” and behaves itself. Perhaps the best people to lobby are the republicans (or republican supporters) in the Bush administration.

    I think we are headed for a big war.

  2. Since when does a former spook and UN weapons inspector give a talk at an Australian university (not counting John Birmingham) and attract a crowd of less than 20? Can’t see it priminently reported in semper.

    But a recruiting drive for ASIO attracts a capacity crowd in one of the lecture theatres in forgan smith (and police security)?

    Smell of sulfur here in Oz, too?

  3. I rather doubt that renouncing a WMD program and ambition and support for terrorism around the world makes Libya a “beacon of light” in any sense of the word. Particularly since it did so only after watching what happened to both Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s good that Libya did get off that track and it will likely benefit from doing so. But lots of countries with horrible human rights records aren’t seeking WMD. Cuba for example.

  4. i thought libya had improved because gaddafi’s son had been well educated and travelled the world?

    Why should we be proud that we threatend them into peace, instead of congratulating true change? If we are going to be skeptical of every single development then the future of international relationships has no hsop.

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