A good year

I’ve been checking my publications and I’ve had 15 refereed journal articles published (in print or online) so far this year, which is the most ever for me (though I’ve read that Harry Johnson had 18 articles in press at the time of his death). There are a few more that have been accepted, and might make it through by the end of the year.

Thinking about there are a few factors that contribute to this happy outcome. One is random fluctuation. Last year was a little below average, and some papers that should have been published then slipped into 2006. Similarly, I expect 2007 to be a bit light.

Another is that, with the Federation Fellowship, I’ve tended to do more applied policy stuff, particularly on water. That’s easier to write and publish than theory pieces aimed at international journals (though I’m still doing those).

Finally, I’ve cut back on travel. While some travel is necessary, I think most academics would benefit from less time on the road and more in front of the computer.

What’s really good about this is that it allays the fear that blogging will have a bad long-term effect on my productivity. I think it probably takes time that I might otherwise have put into a book or two, but books are a high-effort, low-payoff exercise for economists, unless you have something you really need to say at book length.

28 thoughts on “A good year

  1. Impressive! Congratulations JQ. I’m interested to know how many of them are co-authored? Does that speed up the process or slow it down?

    (I’m definitely getting another monitor!)

  2. Does empirical economics follow the scientific method?…

    Some activities of economists are valued more than others in the academic pecking order. Research trumps teaching. Journal articles often have more impact than books (unless you are well known as Mankiw or Krugman and can corner the ‘principes’ textb…

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