2 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. George Bush has revealed that even as he was predicting imminent victory in Iraq in 2006 he was afraid the US faced defeat there:


    His reason for lying (let’s be blunt) to the American electorate and the world was apparently concern at the effect the truth would have on morale.

    (I’m sure the 2006 Congressional elections never entered his mind.)

    Ironically, Bush’s unrealistic and dishonest portrayal of the war’s progress, was probably a key factor in the collapse in domestic US support for the occupation and the increasing demands for immediate and total withdrawal.

    I have to wonder too how the people who bought his lies back in 2006 feel about this? Still think the people who shared in public Bush’s private views were a bunch of anti-American terrorist-loving defeatists?

    Still absolutely rock-solid in your current opinions?

  2. For those interested in my areas (northern tablelands NSW)climate variability continues unabated. Dec was under the long term avg for rain, Jan above avg, Feb well below avg, March below avg and April no different. No rain here for eight weeks. So much for the drought being over!Starting to look like a semi-permanent state of drought to us. We de-stocked the property completely in Jan, seems it was the right decision.

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