Fire disaster appeal

As with similar tragedies in the past, I’m using the blog to promote an appeal for donations to help those affected by the terrible bushfires. I’m kicking it off with a donation of $500. Anyone who’d like to take part can record the amount donated in the comments thread below. I’ll report the total from time to time. Past appeals have raised as much as $5000, and it would be great to match that.

You can donate to the Red Cross Appeal here or make a direct deposit to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund –
BSB 082-001, Account number 860-046-797. Once you’ve done that post your comment, and encourage the rest of us.

If anyone has any new ideas for fundraising, or would like a repeat of some of the old ones please feel free suggest them.

I’d like to confine comments on this post strictly to fundraising and other expressions of support. There’s already a discussion of the fires, and metacommentary on fundraising can go in the Monday Message Board (running late, but up soon).

Update 12:50pm We’re already over $1000, from donations big and small. Small donations from those who are short of cash themselves are more significant in a lot of ways, than bigger amounts from those who have plenty to spare.

Update 8:20pm Single Black Female rip The total by my estimate is $3650, which is exceptionally generous. If only we could maintain this level of solidarity all the time, and in response to the everyday tragedies of poverty and hunger, as well as in times of disaster, is there anything we couldn’t accomplish?

Update 1:50pm Wednesday

We’re now at $4530 by count, so I’ll offer an incentive. A free post, written by me, on any topic within reason for whoever pushes us over $5000. To avoid some game-theoretic complications I’ve just thought about, I’ll be offering a special award for anyone who contributes between now and the $5000 target, however large or small their donation.

Update 8:50am Thursday The total has now reached $5750, which is a huge success and a tribute to the generosity of readers of this blog.

The donation that tipped the total over $5000 was from commenter “Mike” who gets to propose a topic for a post by me. Honorable mentions to James Farrell and GDavies whose generous donations pushed us very close to that total and thanks again to everyone who has contributed.

I’ll probably wrap this up tomorrow evening, so get in now with your contribution.

Update 9:50am Friday The Midnight Meat Train divx The total is over $7300 which I think is our best ever. Get in quick with your contributions, as I plan to finish the appeal here this evening. (Of course, you can still make contributions to the Red Cross or Bushfire Relief Funds if you’re running late).

Further update To co-ordinate a joint appeal with Larvatus Prodeo, I’m keeping the appeal open for the weekend. With LP readers joining those here, I’m confident that we can raise at least $10 000.

Update Saturday AM Total is now $8185, enough that I’ve stopped trying to do it in my head, and put all the info into a spreadsheet. I know most people have already donated by now, but if you haven’t, or haven’t got around to recording the fact, here’s your chance.

83 thoughts on “Fire disaster appeal

  1. Hey, John:

    Appeal – Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009
    13 February 2009
    Receipt No: 786348
    Amount $25.00

  2. $50 to Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal
    $50 to Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

  3. Thanks for providing this opportunity, John. There’s been some interest in doing something similar at LP, but I thought it might be neater if we joined forces:

    I’ve donated $100 to the Red Cross:

    Dear Dr Bahnisch

    Thank you for your donation to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 (Receipt: 811269). We will ensure that your personal and financial details are kept private and secure at all times in keeping with our commitment to respect your privacy.

    Your official receipt is attached to this email. To view and print the receipt you will need latest Adobe Acrobat Reader 9. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software via

    Please contact us on 1800 811 700 or if you have any questions regarding your receipt.

    Thank you for your support

    Australian Red Cross

  4. Another $20 just now to Red Cross.

    I’ll probably bump that up to something respectable now that Xylophone said yes.

  5. Hi John – referred to you by Lavartus Prodeo and happy to help reach your goal – trust my $200, Receipt No.830645 is of use.

  6. Hey John, from LP – total of $100 from 4 x $25 donations (made via

    The Alfred Hospital – The Victorian Adult Burns Service (VABS).
    Donation receipt NDDN111033
    Donation Amount: $25.00

    Rebuilding Kindergarten’s affected by Bushfire
    Kindergarten Parents Victoria Inc – Early Childhood Education Foundation
    Donation receipt NDDN111032
    Donation Amount: $25.00

    ‘Wildlife Victoria’ Bushfire Appeal
    ID: VQCR3BC018E9
    Amount of Transaction: $25.00

    Wildlife Rescue and Protection Inc (WRAP)
    Wildlife Bushfire Rescue Appeal
    Donation receipt number DN111031
    Donation Amount: $25.00

  7. Our business is an authorised site where funds can be donated directly electronically to the main bushfire appeal. Today, the P&C from one of the local primary schools (enrolment c. 20 pupils) brought in $650 to deposit, mostly in coins. Apparently, the kids raided their piggy banks.

    It brought tears to this old curmudgeon’s eyes.

  8. Another $100 here on the Red Cross site.
    Receipt Number : 843067
    Donation Amount $ 100.00 AUD
    Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

  9. Red Cross site
    Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009
    15 February 2009
    Receipt No: 855041
    Amount $250.00

  10. A bit late, but here’s mine.

    Receipt Number : 856246
    Donation Amount $ 100.00 AUD
    Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

  11. $100 for the two legged people, and $50 for the four legged furry people. Southern Cross Uni is sending a truck (donated by TNT) full of clothes, toys, bedding etc on Tuesday. Anything that can help people to rebuild their lives is going in the truck. Good on you Lismore and SCU.

  12. $50 to Red Cross’ ‘Where its needed’ appeal, because I don’t want the flood victims forgotten either. Hopefully they and the fire victims will both get some.

  13. Alerted by the posting at Larvatus Prodeo. Good on everyone above for pushing it so far.

    Receipt Number : 870118
    Donation Amount $ 100.00 AUD
    Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

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