Someone should tell this guy about Godwin’s Law

As if it wasn’t already embarrassing enough to be a rightwinger, here’s Dennis Jensen.

Update Judging by the comments, rightwingers are pretty hard to embarrass (after eight years of Bush, and the complete collapse of their economic ideology, I guess this isn’t so surprising). No-one from the dexter side has showed any inclination to disown Jensen as a crackpot and a goodly number have solemnly refuted the jocular suggestion that a PhD in ceramics might be a little cracked.

134 thoughts on “Someone should tell this guy about Godwin’s Law

  1. Alana, what disturbs me is, on a number of Howardist issues and hobby horses, the new government failing to act decisively in the way promised before the last election.
    While our new PM hobnobs with the editor of the Government Gazette, presumably awaiting further riding instructions from the grey emminence himself, who remains well offshore, that caricature that is the minister for communications, following Glen Milne’s bidding last election, continues to undermine the cyber world and public broadcasting alike.
    And across the board from environment, corporate affairs , infrastructure selection and financing and industrial affairs and aboriginal issues, to name but a few, policy failure continues as equivalents of the ABC’s retained “balance” policy from Alston’s time, continue.
    So its perhaps not such a surprise that meglomaniacs lke Albrechtsen and flat earthers like Windprattle and Brunton ramped up rather than eased up- and it shows up even in current affairs blogs, long after the subsequent discrediting of neoliberalism and intellectual monoculture authoritarianism.

  2. Paul,
    Why Devine is still being employed to write with that silly grin, the same old, same old – add to that Peter Saunders (the CIS Saunders not the SPRC Saunders). Do you know I got so excited that they actually published something by the good DR that I wrote an congratulated him before…shock and horror I realised it was yet more propanaganda from the CIS (article “living off the public teat” – a general whinge about welfare recipients and a boot into the single mothers). So embarrassing. I should have known by the title but I didnt read it. I just saw a nice photo, Peter Saunders name and congratulated the good DR Saunders. I thought things were on the up in the Australian media. I then had to retract congratulations. Damn it, I thought realism was making a return in the media….but not till old Rupe makes his exit, Im afraid.

    These bods (piers, miranda, albrechtsen, p.(CIS) saunders, gerard all have the same look….. pinched insincerity and fake smiles…..the pay must be good).

  3. Yes, Paul, what you say worries me about the conservative approach to the removal of Howards bad measures. It didnt take long for Howard to whack the extremist changes in (rumour has it Tony Abbott was holed up with Brendan Nelson around about the time we went to Iraq writing the new legislation as fast as it could be churned out with a senate majority) but maybe thats the key as to why it cant be wound back as fast. I trust Rudd to get to it, but a senate majority was a powerful weapon of Howards. Are we being too impatient here?

  4. Alice, I hope you are right about Rudd et al “getting around to it”. Personally I have doubts whether a group of squeakey clean fundys eager to please foreign intelligence orgs; also with their knickers in a knot over topics as diverse as sex and funding sources and processes for infrastructure are quite as enthusiastic as you think.
    Saunders writing about the public teat?
    That sounds new. What ever happened to the “good” Peter Saunders?
    One understands Murdoch’s po-faced little features editor with the Slavic sounding surname and pro Israel sympathies is doing Tony Jones’ “Oprah” show this week.
    But I enjoyed Media Watch tonight, runnings its specula over the murk that was Daltons latest life style atrocity, with the babies and no- nonsense “nanny” and so forth.

  5. Alanna/Alice, I already knew it.
    Just, don’t be Alice when you are Alanna, or Alanna when you are, well you know, or you will become tangled in your transgresssions and sybsequently end up choking on your own contradictions. Remember Bobby Burns’ injunction,
    “What a tangled web”, etc.
    Also remember the likes of Albrechtsen, Devine and others we have discussed are professional liars (they get paid for it, as well as the enjoyment). Also you’d have to be pathological, I’d guess, to lie that seamlessly.

  6. True Paul – they are definitely pathological liars and I am not. Its not in the gene pool. I practise with little ones (eg no, I wont do the extra marking because someone else has decided to bludge. Ive booked a plane ticket) but its taken decades of practice to get even those polished.

  7. Paul#130. Give Rudd a go. Is he not a huge improvement on the prior model? The good DR Saunders is still there at SPRC but it seems only the bad Saunders (CIS) makes it into the news, with no research, no evidence, just the usual rubbish propaganda (“welfare – why should we pay for it? Make them work harder”) funded by the usual bunch of selfish top hatted lunch chums………you know how it goes. Meaanwhile the good DR does the real research and gets no coverage. Same old media in Australia.

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