Zombies in Oz

I’ve just finished revising Zombie Economics for an Australian edition, to be published by Black Inc in May, with an all-new chapter on economic rationalism, the Australia form of Zombie econ. Keep a lookout!

11 thoughts on “Zombies in Oz

  1. I imagine, assuming there are no contractual problems, a UK edition might also have a market. After all they are another English speaking country, with a significant population, that has suffered from the righteous right purveyors of the revealed truth.

  2. True. But marketwise and influencewise the UK seems sensible to target. I don’t know that it would be worth JQ’s effort to do special editions on the rest of the English speaking countries, but as far as the UK goes I think it would. Also, the UK provides some interesting examples, the failure of both the water and rail privatisations, which basically showed that if productivity isn’t increasing at a rapid rate you cannot sustain the claim that privatisation has ‘improved’ things. In telecommunications and air travel (where technical improvements elsewhere were and are providing impressive productivity improvements) you can claim, and even force yourself to keep a straight face while doing so, that privatisation has provided ‘benefits’.

  3. Goodie! I’ve got the current rev, but I’ll buy the new one just for that chapter!

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