It’s broken

Hello everyone, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant here.

Ozblogistan was moved to new servers on Monday night by some subcontractors. The ensuing few days have been a mess because the move was only incompletely successful. In particular, bloggers have been unable to log into the wordpress backend to write posts or moderate comments.

This morning a threw a switch and it appears as though we are slowly coming back online. I’m very sorry for the disruption.

18 thoughts on “It’s broken

  1. Freelander – I’m sure if we talk about nuclear power or challenge the science of climate change it won’t last long. šŸ˜‰

  2. Speaking of “it’s broken” who isn’t disturb by the state chapter of the Blue Power gang being used ad unpaid thugs for Grocon. Looks like Grocon are trying to live up to the French meaning of their name.

  3. Yeah, it’s funny peculiar how the police are more effectively mobilised to protect corporate capital than they are for any other task.

  4. @Ikonoclast
    Well, the construction union doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. Unfortunately they have damaged the general “union” brand significantly over the years, which is a pity because (as we all know) unions more often than not are essential to workers rights and conditions.

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  6. Terje,

    Argue against Edwin76.

    The most erudite piece of writing I seen in a long time

    (so this is what you get from a Spambot?)

  7. One wonders whether the above “comment” will lead even one single (or married) person to the listed site who would not have meandered there on their own. And to the extent that that conjecture is wrong, whether the s-pam wars between “service” providers do any more than churn and hence result in new trade?

  8. Am I allowed to suggest, or would it be immoderate (and therefore subject), that spammers in preference to climate change deniers be strung up? (No retrospectivity for that legislation.)

    Note I am not suggesting such a thing, just inquiring whether the suggestion would be permissible?

  9. @Ikonoclast

    The po lice do have one other skill, somewhat impressive, possibly paranormal, but certainly a little spooky (to use that word of the Dame). And that is to finely judge while pursuing a fleeing car the point at which to discontinue the chase so that when that ‘formerly’ pursued car crashes, by itself or into another and with possible fatalities, the time gap is just sufficient for them to escape any culpability.

  10. Hello Edwin76,

    thanks for coming here, it is very refreshing to read your well thought out views. Is this comment “Dad or mom tends to make little .” an economic statement of somesort, if so perhaps you could expand on it a little.

  11. On another subject,
    I am half way through: A Perfect Moral Storm by Stephen Gardiner. It is kind of hard going, the subject is obviously one that S Gardiner feels very passionate about and this has seemingly driven a somewhat strident tone to his writing. That to one side I am finding it very intertesting to think about the moral and ethical issues in and around climate change. How that plays out for our political, religious and business leaders and is then projected on to community at large and of course all of us as individuals.

    Anyway I have been away out bush for a week or 3 and now I am trying to catch up, I find on the ABC a very good and reasonably balanced story by ethicist Clive Hamilton: The church and the ethics of climate change.

    In his piece C Hamilton quotes some of the Gardiner book, however what hit me most was the ridiculous position that Cardinal G Pell has taken up. Yet when I go to the speech that Hamilton has used as an example/premise for his case against Pell, I have a differenet reading of it, in fact Cardinal Pell seems some what ambiguous about it all. For me at least the only thing really crystal clear in Hamiltons piece is his quotes of the Popes ethical and moral position on climate change and global warming.

  12. I look forward to the problems being sorted out – the posts I wanted to look at could only be reached by clicking on the links in the recent comments section, all other links leading to “scheduled maintenance”.

  13. Yes, Jacques. There appears to be a bug in wordpress, not just this website. With Paul Gilding’s site I need to minimise the page then maximise it to get the page working properly. It is possible that it is some code that is being loaded with advertisements. I remember the early days of the SMH news site where advertisements were causing viewer computer problems.

    Or maybe it is just my computer, ….or even me!

    Disclosure: Samsung Series 7 Slate, Windows 7, Basic computer user.

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