53 thoughts on “The TPP: an attack on our freedoms

  1. @John Brookes

    I think that if this was tested, that the High Court would probably view a TPP power as an incidental power, and there for Constitutional.

    Particularly if the TPP is ratified by Parliament.

    However it may be interesting to see whether clauses of TPP contradict ILO and Human Rights conventions etc.

    The High Court may have to determine an issue if the Parliament ends up ratifying two instruments which have parts that cannot coexist.

  2. @J-D
    Yes, presumably that would be the sort of argument put forward by a party seeking to defend the hypothetical law implementing the hypothetical investor-state dispute resolution clause in the event that the hypothetical argument I suggested was put forward by a party opposed to the hypothetical law in a hypothetical legal challenge.
    Good breeze for kite flying, today. 🙂

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