135 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Donald Oats

    There is no bottom to the pit of dishonesty that is VW. Nobody with any sense would ever buy one of their cars again. Destroy them with a total consumer boycott. It’s what they deserve.

    Along with other major corporation scandals, this shows again that corporate capitalism can never ever trusted. They must be strongly regulated, controlled and indeed eventually dismantled and replaced with democratic worker cooperative enterprises with full democratic societal oversight.

    Footnote: I have never bought or owned a VW or related car, new or used, and ain’t I glad now! Pure luck really, but I am pleased in retrospect.

  2. This isn’t a good look, “…they’re getting rid of all the Kiwis and the big boys, you know islanders…”.

    Luckily (for now) our establishment media is hiding it, but it isn’t a good look for its obvious racism as well as treatment of our ANZAC cousins.

    …The Prime Minister said he had very little information and was seeking more detail from the Australian Government.

    Another detainee, Otago-born Jason Wereta, said he was given no reason for being flown to Christmas Island in April this year.

    Mr Wereta, who is being held on Christmas Island for driving offenses and assault, said his case had shocked an Australian judge. …

    That guy has been on Christmas Island in detention for six months.

    First they came for all the brown people…..

  3. @Megan

    This is insane. Why detain New Zealanders on Christmas Island? Wouldn’t it be sensible to simply send them back to New Zealand? I mean, if they have broken any relevant Australia laws or visas which would lead to legal deportation then we would, after proper legal process, simply deport them to NZ. Why would we do anything different? What possible reason would there be for sending them to Christmas Island?

  4. What possible reason would there be for sending them to Christmas Island?

    Hence my reference to Niemoller’s famous quote.

    We have a criminal justice system in Australia. Sometimes people commit a crime that results in a custodial sentence. Sometimes people are guilty of an offence (such as a traffic offence) that might only lead to a fine. Our “Border Protection” system means that on the whim of a Kafkaesque farcist, such people may end up indefinitely detained extra-judicially on top of any penalty imposed by our justice system.

    Historically, the loss of a justice system, rights and due process etc… starts with “the other”. Those who can be deprived of such things with the acceptance of the general population because “that’s different, it wouldn’t happen to me, I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m a citizen etc..”.

    It happens because of those who can’t see, those who won’t see and – most egregious – those who work to prevent others from seeing.

  5. Ikon,

    Here is a link (pdf) to a masters thesis titled:

    “The Political Origins and Development of
    Australia’s People Smuggling Legislation:
    Evil Smugglers or Extreme Rhetoric?”

    It convincingly traces the roots of “stop the boats”, “queue jumpers”, “economic migrants” etc.. back to the 1950s and Australia’s signing of the UN Refugee Convention (with sources, footnotes, citations and annotations).

    A good read.

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