31 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @GrueBleen

    One aspect of my literal-mindedness is that when somebody posts a comment as a response to one of my comments, I interpret it as if it is intended to be response to my preceding comment.

    In this case, although your comment was posted as a response to my comment, its intended meaning was not (I now realise) actually responsive to my comment, and this resulted in my misinterpreting you.

  2. @J-D

    Ok, I will try to take more notice of that in future.

    However, I will try to point out that my ‘response” is actually germane to your response. Rosa is exhibiting a common form of intellectual, and likely emotional, fixation – ie that somehow Europe was ‘civilised’ and that WWI was a ‘regression’ from that state and hence things were going downhill and terrible consequences would ensue.

    You were, I believe, trying to point out that her ‘predictions’ for the future had not, in fact, come even moderately closely to passing. My thesis is that is largely because Europe has, in fact, very slowly got more ‘civilised’ after – and at least partly because of – WWI and later WWII.

    I would also point out that to a very large extent, Europe’s bloody colonialism ended because there basically wasn’t anywhere left to colonise – and indeed a number of ex-colonies had eventually achieved self-sovereign status (as indeed the colonial ‘Dominion’ of Australia did in 1986).

    So all in all the “the period of unlimited wars” that Rosa envisioned isn’t happening. Though just to be complete, we do all recall the times of the Cuban Missile Crisis and how many thought that we were about to have the war, not to end ll wars specifically, but in fact to end all wars by ending the human race. Just a shade more insanity in the Kremlin and in the White House and we might have made it.

  3. @Sam That is all well and good in theory but if you look back at the Hilmer report and its influence on govt policy esp the telco industry you could wonder what the actual benefits to the end user have been. Nationally Optus and Vodafone continue to underperform leaving Telstra as the fall guy while the govt seeks to enforce a level playing field.

    On a global basis, by comparison with giants like Vodafone and Optus, Telstra is a small company yet the govt is seen to be acting for these foreign entities. In the mean time end users are still waiting for equal access to a proper NBN.

  4. @J-D

    Regarding Rosa Luxemburg,

    Whilst Rosa Luxemburg may have, on occasions lacked good judgemnt, she stands more than head and shoulders above the corrupt ruling oligarchs of her own country and all the other countries who started the tragic 4 1/2 year slaughter which began in August 1914. Rosa Luxemburg, together together with Karl Liebknecht, opposed that war from the outset and never once ceased speaking out against it. For that she and Karl Liebknecht were imprisoned in June 1916 for two and a half years.

    In January 1919, after Germany was defeated, the workers of Berlin rose up against the government that had led them into that war. Luxemburg and Liebknecht both supported that uprising.

    Had that Spartakist uprising succeeded, Hitler’s Nazi Party would never have seen the light of day and the slaughter of the Second World War 20 years later, in which 60 million perished, would have been averted.

    Instead, the Spartakist uprising was crushed by the army with the help of Freikorps mercenaries. Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were murdered by the Freikorps on 15 January 1919. Many of the Freikorps mercenaries were to subsequently form the vanguard of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

    As described in “The Lost Revolution – Germany 1918-1923” (1982) by Chris Harman, there were several more attempts by German workers to overthrow their corrupt oligarchs. All attempts failed, unfortunately for Germany and the rest of humanity.

  5. I can’t find anywhere that the CIA actually says anything about Russia and the US 2016 election.

    Their homepage is: https://www.cia.gov/index.html

    Everything else is simply scuttlebutt pushed by outlets and organisations with an anti-Russian/pro-war agenda and little remaining credibility.

    If there is evidence then the people of the 5-eyes nations should demand to see it.

  6. D,

    You should know that neither the CIA nor any of the other United States’ intelligence agencies have competence sufficient to have prevented the Russian intelligence agencies from giving the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump.

    So I hardly think that the Russian hacker who stole the election from Hillary Clinton really earned the “Person of the Year” award bestowed upon him by the Russian news agency RT.

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