Queensland: beautiful one day, denialist the next?

One of the striking features of the current crackup on the right is the assumption, apparently widely shared, that climate science denial and subsidies for coal are winning issues in Queensland, however much they might appal the toffee-nosed elitists of Wentworth (and, presumably, Warringah and Kooyong among other long-standing Liberal party seats that can now be safely ignored).

Those pushing this view might consider the recent Queensland election, in which proposed subsidies to Adani were a key issue. Not only did the government and the Greens make gains in south-east Queensland at the expense of the LNP, Labor held on to seats in Townsville and Rockhampton where Adani was supposed to be a winner.

3 thoughts on “Queensland: beautiful one day, denialist the next?

  1. The reality is that there is no reality or real attempt to justify this coal mania. The real threat is that this derangement will lead to contracts signed for coal fired power stations that are unjustifiable and, reality again, will never be built. This will leave a Nathine situation that, hopefully, a Labor government will have to fund. It surely must come to a point that the cross benches will have to terminate this ideological madness. All further summarised by Paddy Manning in the Monthly Today


  2. I wonder whether it’s a kind of self-destructive urge at work in the LNP – they are going to lose anyway so they might as well hold onto their ideological baggage (except markets and liberalism). Either that or they just can’t get passed the win they had with “axe the tax”.

  3. Let us get real.
    I do not believe any person who wants a State government to build a coal powered power plant is serious. It is part of the culture wars. In an election campaign plenty of people would show it is uneconomic.
    Even if it went ahead then the party would be smashed continually because of the 50 year subsidy which would get larger each year.

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