27 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Val, the destruction of the old ways of life and the exrant social systems is in almost every respect a good thing. Who in their right mind would want to live like poor ignorant food insecure peasant? What of the oppressive patriarchy associated with such systems?

    Its nice to hear that you had an African in your class. I have rice paddy farmer in-laws- my husband is Laotian. None of them want their kids to stay on the farm. Life on the farm means malnourishment, periodic hunger, debt, no money and no education.

    Shiva, a rich upper caste Brahmin, is a quack.

  2. Ikon I can’t really debate you on the philosophical stuff because I’ve never really studied philosophy.

    I have really studied philosophy, and I can’t debate that stuff either because there’s nothing there to debate. It’s gibberish without a scintilla of sense. I mention this because, if you find yourself in any way troubled by reading what Ikonoclast has written, you may find it reassuring to be informed that it’s meaningless.

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