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56 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The refusal of the Australian Government to re-new a visa to Chinese Australian billionaire Huang Jiangmo despite his ‘residency’ status is intriguing. The close links to the Chinese Communist Party plus large political donations to both the ALP and the Libs lie behind the move. But in an election atmosphere your would have to see the move by ScoMo’s side as an attempt to smear the ALP.
    Huang was the money man behind Sam Dastyari but the Bob Carr links through the Australia China
    Relations Institute at UTS were bankrolled by Huang. He can appeal the decision but as May rolls around he may have to just skype his family back ‘home’ in the $11 million Mosman mansion.
    What Sussex St will do could be interesting. Huang has a lot of favours owed.

  2. Deplorable. I also posted this comment to the deplorable thread as I believe the cdp fits with ‘we can’t mention the r word’. Appropriate imho.

    “Of 1,000 surveyed participants, 21% felt their community was better off since the Community Development Program was introduced, but 36% said the community was worse off and 32% said their community was the same as before it began in 2015.”

    “The CDP is also expensive. For every dollar that a CDP recipient receives in income support, approximately 70 cents is spent administering the scheme. It costs five times as much per participant as Jobactive and twice as much as the scheme it replaced.

    The achievement of 2,682 part- and full-time 26-week employment outcomes each year must be put in the context of the overall CDP scheme, which costs about $360 million per year to operate. That amount could directly employ 19,700 people for 26 weeks full-time.”
    Not at $11 / hr with 3.5% breach penalties, job NOT guaranteed. 

  3. Fun fact on “24/7” coal generation: “A report by the Australia Institute has found that in 2018 coal plants broke down 118 times or once every 3.1 days.” *****/
    The new HELE hard coal plants were actually worse than old ones.

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