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    There was a method to my madness. A person could deal with ownership. But if the benifits of ownership have already been massively reduced it may not be neccessary to deal with the ownership issue. If the owners of massive wealth determine that the risks of owning massive wealth are greater than the costs plus risks then they should not have much interest in fighting to maintain their ownership.
    Furthermore with their assets massivley diminished the means at their disposal to role things back will much less. In addition to that the ability to pass on massive ownership would be reduced to almost nothing. But of course Trusts have to be dealt with. The rules for Trusts have to be changed as well.
    A discussion for Some other time perhaps

  2. Ikonoclast,
    We have a few things in common. I have nothing more than an old BA in sociology. I work with dirt………in the yard and in the kitchen, so I prefer to refer to myself as an archeologist. In my spare time I mostly just walk and read. I spend a bit of time translating messages from aliens that look like trees. That is how I know that there are lots of delusional people in the world. Trees that speak are real. I saw some on a TV program. I learned that the TV program was filmed in New Zealand. So that is probably where the messages come from.
    Your defense of democratic decision making was clearly from an Austrialian perspective. My attack on democratic decision making was from an American perspecitve. It also applies from a european perspective. Catalonian independence for example, what a bunch of hog wash. What is democratic about limiting the voting about Catalonian succesion from Spain to only the people who live in Catalonia? It would be even more democratic to allow all the people of Spain to decide if the people of Catalonia break away from the country. Better yet why not allow all of the people of the EU have a say in the decision.
    The same is true in the British Isles. The Irish voted to be independent from the UK. But in 6 counties they voted to remain in the UK. So these six counties became independent from Ireland. But if these 6 counties could declare their independence from Ireland why should the predominately catholic areas of Ulster outside of the cities not be allowed to succeed from Ulster and join back with the Irish? But on the other hand why were the English not allowed to have a say, after all the question was about how things will be done in the British Isles. But wait the UK has been part of the EU for decades so perhaps everyone in the EU should be able to decide whether or not Ulster gets cut off from the EU by a border that is hard to cross.
    What do these votes really change anyways? Were the Irish allowed to escape the capitalist world? would the Catalonians be allowed to escape the capitalist world? At best these votes just trade the new boss for the old boss.
    Speaking of bosses which brings me to speaking of goverments. I think that there is a reason that we create these myths of governmental legitimacy such as the divine right of kings, or that government legitamacy comes from the will of the people. It is so that we can avoid or deny conflict. It is so that we can say that a decision is final and stop fighting about that decision and move on to some other conflct.
    I say that real citizens understand that bad decisions are never final.
    OK a democraticly made decision is no less legitimate than one made by a Monarch, or General, or a theogician. I do not find how a decision is made as being nearly as relevent as WHAT decision is made.
    There is a huge amount of disagreement about WHAT people should being doing today or tommorrow.
    When people look back 500 years they have a much better idea of what should or should not have been done. Therefore the legitimacy of WHAT one does (and why) has to be left for historians 500 years down the road.

  3. Curt Kastens,

    “I spend a bit of time translating messages from aliens that look like trees. That is how I know that there are lots of delusional people in the world. Trees that speak are real. I saw some on a TV program.”

    Three points for consideration;

    (1) Irony requires an irony alert on the internet.
    (2) I like trees but I have never heard one talk.
    (3) Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    All the best,

  4. I forgot to post my reccomendations on taxes for imports. No one pointed that out! That of course should be part of plan A. Of course it could have been a conspiracy on the part of the readers here to prevent the Dutch press from gettting wind of my tax propopsals. Very clever. You do not actually censor my tax proposal like Bill Mitchell did. Because he secretly loves it. NO you try to bury it under a mountain of other comments so that serious economists will not be able to learn what a serious economic proposal looks like when they see one. Because lets be honest for most of them this would have been the first time that they would have ever seen a serious economic proposal. How are they gong to learn real economics if they have only other economists to learn from. OK Bill Mitchell is an economist and he loves my proposal. He will not stand behind it though because he thinks that economists will be confused by it. That may be. I have never been one for denying truth however.
    I am even willing to go so far as to publically say that Hasan Akbar not only does not deserve to be in prison. He deserves a Medal of Honor.
    Maybe that does not count for anything if the only people who read this blog are from Australia and New Zealand as they would not have any idea who Hasan Akbar is.

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