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15 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Is this ok for me to ask? JQ, is UQ going with plan “S”? Are you endorsing?
    JQ says: “This creates problems, since the partial realizations of utopia Wright discusses must also operate within a capitalist society.’

    They have a plan! 

    Following from my previous message details here;

    “Plan S is an initiative for open-access science publishing that was launched by Science Europe on 4 September 2018.[1][2] It is an initiative of “cOAlition S”,[3] a consortium launched by the European Research Counciland major national research agencies and funders from twelve European countries. The plan requires scientists and researchers who benefit from state-funded research organisations and institutions to publish their work in open repositories or in journals that are available to all by 2020.[4] The “S” stands for “shock”.[5]”. Wikipedia.

    Not as relevant yet I would have put this as a subhead; “the double dipping dutch…”

    “University of California system libraries break off negotiations with Elsevier, will no longer order their journals”
    “Elsevier (previously) is one of the titans of academic and scientific publishing, a wildly profitable and politically potent corporation whose market dominance has allowed it to extract ever-larger sums from the universities whose researchers provide the vast majority of the material it publishes — material it does not have to pay for, and in some cases, material it charges money to publish.”…
    …”The boycott will cost Elsevier $11m/year and about 10,000 papers that UC researchers will publish elsewhere.”
    boingboing net/2019/03/01/double-dipping-dutch.html

    “New Scientist calls for the end of the scholarly publishing industry: “more profitable than oil,” “indefensible”

    “Europe’s massive plan to require open access for all science gets two new backers: Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation
    “The open access portal Sci-Hub makes the entire corpus of scientific literature available for free, without permission, and has been the subject of widespread internet censorship orders, as giant science publishers like Elsevier seek to block it on the national level. Sci-Hub’s founder, Alexandra Elbakyan, has explicitly cited Swartz as her inspiration for starting the site. (You can access Sci-Hub through its unblocked Taiwanese mirror).” For how long?
    boingboing net/2018/11/05/plan-s-is-go.html

  2. Curt Kastens

    How many obvious falsehoods have you found? – I identified the 1st, that it only cost £4K to produce.

  3. About one month ago a lady wrote in to the blog of Bill Mitchell (mmt blog) and asked just exactly what income tax rates would mmt economists reccomend. Bill did not chose to answer the question direclty.
    instead he prefered to reccomend his past posts.
    I on the other hand wrote a short explicit answer to her question. My answer for some reason did not make it past moderation on Bill Mitchell’s web site. Therefore I have decided to post my complete reccomendation for a tax code on the Sandpit page. I am qualified to write a national tax code. Furthemore my tax code comes highly reccomended by the accounting firm Schell, Schmelt, Zorn, and Zucker.

  4. A couple of years ago, open-access science publishing was a bee in the bonnet ofa few mavericks, including Cambridge number theorist Tim Gowers (who runs a good blog) and the linguists who abandoned Elsevier’s Lingua en masse to found Glossa instead. Now look at the players: University of California, Wellcome, European Research Council …

    Not much we plebs can contribute here. One thing I do is that when I see a citation on a blog for interesting research that’s been published in a paywalled journal, I comment with a black mark. Suggest JQ and other bloggers, plebs and toffs alike, pick this up. (Is JQ a pleb or a toff like Gowers? Are all Australians plebs by definition?)

  5. We are all plebs except people who talk like Alexander Downer.

    “Alexander John Gosse Downer AC is a former Australian politician and diplomat who was leader of the Liberal Party from 1994 to 1995, Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1996 to 2007, and High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 2014 to 2018.” – Wikipedia

    Excellent to see progress in open publishing. I only read stuff which is not pay-walled.

  6. J.Q.,

    “Please sir, I want some more.” 🙂

    Can we have a new Sandpit every week with the regularity and dependability of the Monday Message Board? I am not immediately contemplating more long screeds of my own. Instead, I want to start a debate about macroeconomics; not a debate about the various schools of macroeconomics (like MMT vs Keynesian) but about the validity or otherwise of the macroeconomic measures themselves. I have a link to an excellent academic paper to serve as a starting point for the debate.

  7. Ikonoclast. +1 more sand. Maybe we will sculpt sand, assisting us plebs to refine our planned marble masterpiece towers – mmt. Modern mamal theory for me tho.

    James Wimberley “I comment with a black mark.” Ok but ? Black mark? Do tell.

    And “Is JQ a pleb or a toff?” He is a creator and synthesizer used by toffs and plebs.

    Curt Kastens. Schell, Schmelt, Zorn & Zucker – account for Fangs?

  8. Happy Birthday to the web!
    By Sir Tim… very well said-
    “But given how much the web has changed in the past 30 years, it would be defeatist and unimaginative to assume that the web as we know it can’t be changed for the better in the next 30. If we give up on building a better web now, then the web will not have failed us. We will have failed the web.”

    Where you money went on youur first isp… A story.

    I once had an “apprentice”. He was a pain but technically supurb. Always late and never failed to fix networking niggles. He formed one of the first isp’s with 2 others who went on to dot com fame and flash. I called him to “set up the internet for us”. 14k baud modem! He arrived in a – gues what colour – whale tale porche! Bought by forerunner to ozemail. $5m walkaway. He blew it on a nightclub in Indonesia. He was that kinda guy. I tried to use system dynamics with them. Eff that they said – just make money.

    Email was a boon! On mac cx and toshiba laptops. And alta vista – 1m pages 2, 5, then advertising – paid. Dead. Anyone remember sausage software? The first block based web coder. Lasted 2yrs. Soon after serge & brin. 

  9. Black mark: I just mean to say that I disapprove. Tgere is no claim that I am special in any way. It’s a grain of sand in the scales of justice, but it takes little time and I think it’s the right thing.

  10. From CommSec, March 11, 2019, a three page surprisingly neutral summary, “The Dividend Imputation system and proposals for change”:

    Click to access ECO_Insights_110319-franking-credits.pdf

    From Michael West, Mar 8, 2019, part 3 of a continuing unsurprisingly revealing and honest series, “Franking credits: if you’re old enough to understand super, you’re too late”:
    https ://

    Part 4, Mar 12, 2019, “The Kitchen Table: Penny the pensioner pays the kids’ private school fees with her franking credits pension”:
    https ://

  11. “In Catalonia in 1360, a banker who had failed to return deposits to depositors was beheaded in accordance with the law (Huerta de Soto 2009, p. 76).” – Propertization: The Process by which Financial Corporate Power has Risen and Collapsed – JONGCHUL KIM.

    Ah, don’t you miss the good, old days? 😉

    Yes, yes, I know in those days I would have been a landless peasant; itinerant and cheering at the hanging, diverted for a brief existential moment, then returning to the awareness of relentless, gnawing hunger in my belly.

  12. That business that’s gone down in Christchurch is chilling. Christchurch! If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

  13. Yes, Smith9 at 3:16 PM, there’s chat all over and under the intertubes today (8chan, certain YouTube music vid commentary, etc), but how likely is it to happen “anywhere”? There quite apparently is a large and widely dispersed group that sympathise with the motive, but do they all have access to the means, ie. guns? Here we see the glut of Kiwi shooter programmes showing on SBS NITV so symptomatic of the gun love and slack firearms regulation in NZ

    Some disturbing NZ gun numbers at the bottom of this article today (if the Daily Terror can be believed):

    “…NZ Customs figures revealed earlier this month showed more than 52,000 guns had been imported into the country last year. The alarming statistics, which prompted calls for the establishment of a national firearms register, didn’t include the $2 million worth of handguns or other military-style weapons brought into the country over the same period.

    “They just keep pouring through the border and the problem is, as they pour through, we don’t know where the majority of them end up,” NZ Police Association president Chris Cahill said, according to Newstalk ZB.

    “I know the majority of them end up in the hands of criminals because our members are finding them,” he said.

    “But that’s the big question, why do we need so many? And if we are going to bring them in shouldn’t we know where they end up? And without a registry, we don’t know that.””

    Mix the sentiment in Tarrant and company’s manifesto with those NZ gun facts above, and there is motive plus means aplenty. Vote Shooters, Katters, or ON at your peril here.

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