Bookplug: the fox and the hedgehog

Economics in Two Lessons is coming out in the US next week. That gives me an excuse to share some of the nice things people have said about it. I’m particularly pleased with this one from Jacob Hacker, whose own work I admire very much.

With apologies to Isaiah Berlin, Quiggin is a foxy hedgehog: He knows two big things, and these twin lessons—about the virtues and limits of markets—sustain a pioneering, persuasive, and even passionate case for democracy and the mixed economy. Make room for two lessons in your mind, and on your bookshelf.”—Jacob S. Hacker, coauthor of American Amnesia: How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper

4 thoughts on “Bookplug: the fox and the hedgehog

  1. I hope this book is an even bigger seller and greater influencer than Zombie Economics, a wonderful book that is curled up and gathering dust under my bed. Congrats.

  2. Quiggin Foxy Hedgehog?
    Quiggin Two Lessons?
    Quiggin Two Things?

    Time to make and mark your name in chinese JQ.

    So best to start off on an auspicious footing. Your own registered and recognised chinese name searchable in chinese text allowing you to follow referencing too. Trump has two. And nicknames.

    “From a learner’s perspective, Chinese text is just flat-out cool. As far as anyone knows, Chinese is the world’s oldest in-use writing system, and most of the major East Asian written languages are kind of like Github forks of written Chinese. Many of those languages, though they’ve evolved into something unique and distinct, still include Chinese characters today.”–cms-23444

    Trigger for this from Jacob S. Hacker’s review on Princeton Ein2L page… 

    Quiggin Foxy Hedgehog
    Jiǎohuá de cìwèi
    … sounds like (first part extremely hard for me to vocalise) shooway

    Or Quiggin Double Hedgehog
    Shuāng cìwèi
    … which sounds like “shong sooway” so easier to verbalise for both native english and Chinese speakers. 

    “Olle Linge, who writes a blog about learning Chinese, is known in Chinese as Ling Yunlong (凌云龙). Ling is a surname and also can mean “soaring” while Yunlong means “cloud dragon”. The name was inspired by a Tai Chi Chuan movement that Linge particularly liked, called Cloud Dragon Playing in Water. The characters 凌云 also form the first half of an idiom that means “to have lofty aspirations”.

    Call Jack Ma! A new collaboration with Alibaba – new “Ein2L Festival” specifically to research using the tenets in Ein2L on Double 11 Day? Test out Ein2L social effects and applicability in china, and nuances. With BIG data.

    “The Double 11 – China’s Black Friday
    “The sales figures on Double 11 have increased every year. In 2017, according to the data released by Alibaba on November 12th, the total turnover on Double 11 was CNY 168.2 billion, setting a new record.” [ 250rmb+ billion last year -2018 – I think ]

    These are staggering ammounts and transaction volumes below. The exclamation mark at end of headline below is probably to most appropriate exclamation mark in history. 
    (approx rnb 5.047 to 1 aud $)

    “2018 Tmall double 11 trading amount node summary! ”

    “At 0:00 on November 11, 2018, the Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival was officially launched in 2018. As of 24:00 on November 11 at 24:00, 2018 Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival transaction amounted to 213.5 billion!…

    “Specifically, after only 21 seconds, in 2018, the Tmalldouble 11 transaction amount broke 1 billion, 7 seconds faster than last year.
    “2 minutes and 05 seconds, breaking 10 billion. It was nearly 1 minute shorter than last year and nearly 5 minutes shorter than 2016.
    “4 minutes and 20 seconds, breaking 19.1 billion,…”…


    And I’d love to find out sales in May 2020 please.

    And ref for JQ’s op above:
    … as there are other “nice things people have said about it. [ Ein2L ].

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