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30 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Was it an accident that Henry Truman popularized the phrase, the buck stops here?
    He was the man in the office when the National Securtiy State was formally established.
    Would it be unreasonable to see that event as the formal establishment of the system in which everyone can point their fingers at someone else as being the ones responsible for a problem?
    Well the system certianly existed informally before then.
    But imagine this. If it was no accident that Truman made this phrase popular it shows how detailed that operations of the system that I am describing are carried out.

  2. This doesn’t use water… just trades it.

    “Colliers International described the returns being made by water investment companies in 2018 as “eye-watering ” when it released its 2019 agribusiness forecast in April.

    “Duxton Water produced a 40% return for its shareholders, while the Blue Sky water fund produced an annual return of 34.4%, it said.

    “Littleproud said this week that 14% of trades were now done by corporate entities that do not own land and it was prudent for the ACCC to review “the purity of the market.”

    See videos of precious water investors and boosters:

  3. Open open access… not the coalition – cOAlition S.

    “Part I: The Plan S Principles“With effect from 2021, all scholarly publications on the results from research funded by public or private grants provided by national, regional and international research councils and funding bodies, must be published in Open Access Journals, on Open Access Platforms, or made immediately available through Open Access Repositories without embargo.”

  4. No it is not Monday here in Germany. But it is almost Monday in Australia. One could easily say that the comment that I am about to make has no business being placed on a website that is primarily an Australian audiance. It deserves to go to an American audiance. The thing is as an sociologist I deem it non sensical to write to (or talk to) people who are delusional. Ok to write or comment to people who are so far from Cemetary Ridge does not really make any sense either from a practical perspecitve.

    My Brief comments are about the US agression against Iran. First of all I deem the story that has recently come out the Trump oredered an attack against Iran and then cancelled it at the last moment has being a completly contrived story. This story is nothing more that a psychological warfare step, with numerous intended targets.

    But the more important comment here is about what Iran’s strategy should be once it is attacked by the USA and its allies, if it leaders have any sense.
    Up to now all of the blabber has been about Iran shutting down the Straits of Hormuz, or about bombing Israel with long range missles.
    Niether of these tactics will really be anything that the leaders in the USA give a rats ass about.
    They will not really give a rats ass about my proposed tactic either at first. But it is something that will hurt them in the longer term because it will hurt everyone in the longer term and that might cause some of the allies of the USA to walk away from them.
    My proposal which would be much easier for Iran to do than shutting down the Straits of Hormuz. or bombing Israel would be to target Saudi oil fields instead. If the Iranians can set 2 or 3 or perhaps even 4 dozen oil wells on fire it would not only disrupt the world’s economy it would raise the level of CO2 in the atmosphere very quickly. Not only that all of that really black soot spreading over a large area is going to absorb a large amount of sunlight there by trapping heat in our atmosphere.
    This action if it is succssful could be the straw that broke the cammels back as far as climate tipping points go. But if the world is going to stand by and not even break diplomatic relations with the USA over its policies against Iran, and Venezuela too, the faster that this world is destroyed the better as far as I am concerned.

  5. “Not only that all of that really black soot spreading over a large area is going to absorb a large amount of sunlight there by trapping heat in our atmosphere.”

    Other way around, I think, eg., as in our nuclear winter as yet postponed global heating mitigation project.

    However, if attacked by the US out first will come Iran’s trick trusty rusky air defence and carrier busting missiles. You think the yanks will chance that? Recall the quick pull back once those missiles arrived in Syria…

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