2 thoughts on “Book launch in Melbourne (please plug!)

  1. I’m thinking I’d like to get there tomorrow (Friday) – I’m a bit short of time but it’s on my way home. Also happy to tweet about it (belatedly
    I know) / not that I have many followers but perhaps some of my followers who have many might pick it up. If you have time and you see this JQ, can you explain the key points you’ll be talking about, and will you discuss the relevance to climate change? I read a lot of the book in draft, and commented, as you know, but haven’t read it all and can’t remember all I read then, so answers to these questions would be helpful, thank you.

  2. Hi Val, Nick Gruen will introduce the book, and say a little bit about it, then I’ll say a little bit, then the main part is questions from the audience. The book has a fair bit on climate change, so a question on that would be good.

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