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12 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Ha, first. The Tour de France is over. Nothing particular spectacular like a large drop in overall performance suggesting maybe the share of doped participants was dropping below 100% happening . Slovenia appears to have a comparative advantage in not detectable with current technology doping methods.

    A more curious question is what is happening in football. Over the last decades’ football has developed into an entire different universe of play quality. Next to amazing technical skills, the new football also requires an entire different level of physical fitness. Still, curiously, according to official statistics, football players don’t dope at all, never, not a single one of them. All straight men, in every sense of the word. Wondering if the new football, the things teams like Liverpool, Bayern or Manchester City play is even possible without doping the entire team.

  2. I was watching this Netflix series today and the episode had an event that reminded me of a true story that happpened 12 or 13 years ago that I have never spoken about publically before. I have never spoken about it publically because I could never make sense of how this event fit in to the grand scheme of things. I still can not understand how thsi fits in to the grand scheme of things. But I now think that so much time has passed that no harm can be done if I reveal these events now.
    It was summer time in 2007 or perhaps 2008. I was out waking my dog when the fire alarms went off summoning the fire department. I short whle later I saw the fire trucks driving towards a wooded area very near the German Dutch border near the town of ´Rimburg. Smoke was rising from this wooded area.
    I decided to take my dog down in that direction. So by the time I got there the firemen were returning to their trucks from the forested area. I heard them talking to one anohter and they were pissed. Although a lot of smoke had risen above the trees it appears that there was no fire at all. Not only that they could not even discover what the source of the smoke was.
    A day or two latter I decided to reccon the this small wooded area myself. As I remember it was a probably still is about 150 meters wide and 450 meters long. I did not find any evidence that a fire had burned in this area a few days before.
    Then it was perhaps two days after that I noticed that I was under survellence. I figured that since I had showed up at the location of this pyrotechnic houdinin act as it was unfolding that maybe the arson investigators suspected me of being the one responsible for it. But I had nothing to do with it. That would have been far beyond my capabilities.
    If anyone tries to verify this story with the fire department personnel of the place that I was living at that time I would not at all expect those fire department personnel to confirm my story. Such a story is much like an alien abduction story, or ghost story. It is only believable to those who expirience it and to repeat such a story to others can only discredit the teller of the story.
    But one thing that I believe about this story is that if a person had the missing link everything that I just related would make perfect sense. It could be conected to NATO because there is a major NATO headquarters located just 3 kilometers away, as the crow flies, from the wooded area that i discribed.
    This story could also litterally be a ghost story as the occurance of the smoke where there as no fire was also just a few hundred meters away from where a very tragic incident occured in the past.
    OK I guess that when it comes to world history, especially European HIstory, every patch of ground is no more than a few hundred meters away from tragic events of the past.

  3. Curt, didn’t Holland have female firefighters mandated before 2007?

    Curt said “… one thing that I believe about this story is that if a person had the missing link everything that I just related would make perfect sense”.

    The missing link is they “successfully change[d] ‘from black to green’. This operation comprised of changing the coalmine-scenery into attractive green areas for residence and leisure.”

    It must have been the change from black to green that you witnessed.

    The Continium will answer your ghostly science questions;
    “Continium is not a museum in the traditional way; it is a discovery centre where you can experience how your daily live is influenced by science and technique. You can also look into past and future developments in science.”

    And you are correct ” every patch of ground is no more than a few hundred meters away from tragic events of the past”.

    “Sights in Rimburg include the castle, the water tower, a water mill on the bank of the Worm near the church, the church itself, and several historic farms. On the Street “Broekhuizenstraat”, the foot of a Roman milestone can be found”

  4. My best guestimate is that someone wanted something to be found. They wanted it to be found in a way that what ever was found could not be linked to them. And they wanted it found by the right kind of person. One prerequisite for such a person that I can imagine is that they would be a police or fire investigator. And if a person went to such extremes to have something found ii would have to be something of importance for more than just the communities in that area. If these deductions are true did the plan come to fruition?
    Of course that might not have been anyone’s plan. Since it is unlikely that anyone would cooberate my story one logical conclusion would be that I have made up this story of smoke with no fire for my own psycological operational purposes. Then one could conclude that either I am a complete amature for telling my story here, or an absolute genius.
    But if I am not makeing this up, and if something was left and found, did the right kind of person find it? And if the right person found something that was left behind was this thing that was found put to any kind of use that had any more effect than a butterfly over Fiji turning to the left rather than the right? Because the person who found something would have to recognize its potential value and who ever they turned it over to would have to have the political judgement senseable enough to know what to do with what ever it was that they were confronted with for it to have an impact.
    If this event is somehow connected to the Coronavirus (China virus in the minds of some people) then it might be a very important event in human history. I mention the coronavirus because outside of that and the recent and probably temporary effects that have flowed from it nothng at all important has changed in the world over the past 10 years. OK one could say that the lives of billions of people have gotten better especially in China and India. But that trend started two decades before that. As a sociologist I would expect very few people would ever be willing to connect a miniscule smoke smudged dot along the German Dutch Border to a massive global ink blot more than 10 years later.
    Furthermore even if there were a connection that led to the Coronavirus (the Italian virus in the mind of one person) this virus is not going to derail humanity’s appointment with extinction. At best it might put a dent in the leading edge of the extinction train. I can not imagine that a Corona crimped world is going to hold up the melting of the Arctic Ice Cap for very long.
    Is the the purpose of this miracle Coronavirs to make the people of the world feel good by giving them a problem that they can actually solve to take their minds off the problem that they did not solve and now may no longer have the capability to solve on their own with out help from more technologicaly and ethically advance beings?

  5. I am now watching another Netflix documentary called the Dementia of Social Media. It reminded of something that happened 4 years ago that was really stupid. The Democratic Party in the USA started raising a big stink about how the Russkies got Trump elected through the use of social media.
    For soome one to believe such nonsense they would have to have an IQ below 11. Therefore for the Democratic Party to put such emphasis on such a stupid stupid stupid idea must itself have been the result of some kind of insideous conspiracy to damage the crediblity of the Democratic Party.
    That so many people can have such absolutely horrible skills at making cause and effect connections is one reason why humanity is in the shape that it is in.
    Some one might complain that i used the word stupid three times and did not provide any supporting data as to why this claim was stupid. Well anyone who needs data would probably not be able to understand the data anyways.

  6. Back in the 1990s a book called The End of History was written. The title was very accurate. Some decades off of course. But the victory of western (democratic?) capitalism did (almost?) bring an end to human history.

  7. KT2,
    Wow you really did a lot of work last night. I learned a couple of things recently that I found quite entertaining. One was that between the the two world wars the French built a cruiser submarine that was equiped with 2 8 inch guns. It had topedoes too, not many though. It disappeared with out a trace on 18 Feburary 1942. There are three or four different reports that might explain what happened to it.
    What was the other thing?? Oh yes it was that info on the SMOM. I forget who posted that.
    I suspose one could tell an interesting story about how the crew of this French Submarine decided to defect to the SMOM and staged its disapearence to become a spy ship for the SMOM. This ship was after all equiped with boats that could have been used to bring people ashore in the middle of the night.
    One would quickly reach a fork in the road though. Because the story teller would have to decide whether the leadership of the SMOM would have been pro Franco Catholics or Pro Jesus Catholics, what we today call Liberation theologians (Catholics). Of course if the story teller choses to make the SMOM a leftist organization it will have to keep its activities secret from or at least disquised from the Pope.
    So If one chose this more difficult path I guess that the story would be that during the second world war the SMOM secretly allied itself with a secret African American Spy network that evolved out of the US Civil War and never disbanded continuing to operate all the way in to the 21st century. Well I am not sure what kind of missions the crew of this submarine would have had in the late 40s and 1950s but in the 1960s the story would be that it helped smuggle some members of the Black Panthers that the FBI wanted to arrest and brought them to Cuba.
    I suppose that the story teller could actually make the story more about the crew than the ship. That would open up a lot more possible stories. One off the top of my head would be that several of the crew members settled in New York. One of them had a wife and children that had managed to make to England in 1940. So they were able to be reunited in New York. Well one of his children was musically very talented. He liked that African American Music of Harlem and his own native French Folk music. So in the late 1940s he would sneek out with some of his cousins, who had by that time also come to New York, and they would go to Harlem to jam with other musicians there. He and his cousins were only 12 and 13 year olds. But they quickly made a good impression for their musical talent. More importantly they met a very intellegent Marxist thinker in Harlem. They became devout Marxists.
    Well by the time that they were in high school they were smart enough to know that they were in the belly of the capitalist beast and could not hope to achieve much very quickly. They ahd spoken about politics with some of their friends at school for many years and with a few of them decided to form a cell. The mission of the cell would be to inflltrate the the New York City Government, epecially the police department and keep detailed reports on the political leanings of every one that they worked with, without revealing themselves as Marxists. They even volunteered for the US military to make their percieved loyalty to the US system more unimpeachable. Over time they married people with similar politcal outlooks. Some of the people in this small cell were teachers. They decided that to make their mission endearing they would have to very carefully recruit young people from their classes for potential membership in their cell.
    Of course this cell was never detected by the FBI because it never had any contact with any other nation’s intellegence service. And it never tried to gain access to classified information. The only connection that it had was to the African American Spy Network that came in to being during the Civil War. So it was not until the late 1960s or early 1970s, I forget, that this group actually conducted an operation other than collecting information on peoples politcal views. Connections in the NYC PD were used to smuggle some Black Panthers to Canada were they were eventually able to get to Cuba.
    This small victory was all that this intrepid band had to keep them going for decades.
    Then came the 21st Century, 9-11, and a series of US government policies that made recruitment much easier, even among WASPs, and the little band became a large group, about the size of an orchestra.

  8. Yes lots of entertainment is needed to keep the spirits awake. Someone made some very entertaining comments about the SMOM on another thread. I came across a second entertaining bit of trivia recently about a French Submarine “Cruiser”that was built in between the two World Wars and actually served in the first part of the WW2. This submarine disappeared in the Carribean Sea or Gulf of Mexico in Feb. 1942.
    The obvious conclusion would be that it sank for one reason or another. But sometimes the obvious conclusion is not the correct conclusion. I would like to be able to write an entertaining story about the true story of this submarine and its crew. All the publishers that I have approached have refused to publish the story though. I do not think that their refusal is because the story is not entertaining. I think it is because the story cuts to close to the bone.
    The real and true story is that the French Submarine did not sink. Its Crew defected to the SMOM. For a number of years that crew used its submarine to conduct communications-intellegence recconisinn missions for the SMOM leadership which did not really trust any side during that tragic war. Because of the information that the crew and submarine aquired for the leadership of the SMOM the leasership went rogue and actually responsible for introducting liberation theology in to the Catholic Church.
    Well eventually the sub was to old to continue to operate. But by this time the crew had learned many useful skills due to the cross training that had occured on the ship in the mean time.
    So the crew dispersed around the world. Naturally mostly to French Colonies around the world. But a number immigrated to the USA with their families, and established a sleeper cell.
    It was actually due to pure luck that this cell had any impact at all in US history. Though up to this point we can only say that this impact was extraordinarily small, compared with say over throwing Allende or Quaddaffi. That luck occured when one of the musically talented sons of one of these French immigrants started jamming with some African American musicians in Harlem. A couple of cousins who had immigrated seperately to the USA from French Guyana always came with him. The 3 were only 12 to 13 years old at the time. It was during one of these sessions a few years latter that they met a Marxist Scholar and became committed Marxists.
    When they were in H.S, they decided to form a revolutionary cell of their own with a few of their friends.
    But they realized that they were in the belly of the beast so that they would have to think very long term, perhaps even several life spans. They decided that their first task would be to inflitrate the NYC government and keep records on people politcal leanings. This small band was never detected by the FBI because it had absolutely no contact with any foreign intel agencies. It only had minimal contact with an African American intel network that had existed since the civil war and never disbanded due to the rise of the KKK after that war.
    The reason that I have provided this background material is because of the work that they did and the connections that in the early 1970s I think it was they had they were able to smuggle some Black Panthers out of the US into Canada were they made their way to Cuba. This small vicotory was all that they had to sustain their moral for decades.
    Then came 9-11. Over time the divisions created by US policies allied this small band to become a larger group, about the size of an orchestra. It had players in the NYC police department, the DAs offices in all 5 boroughs of the city, the fire department, the parks department, the NY state police, the police in some NJ locations, and in the FBI and NSA.
    The key detail that allows me to reconstruct how all of this developed was that just after 9-11 Egyptian was arrested in NYC because he had had a two way aircraft radio in his room which was located hear ground zero. But it turns out that this radio did not belong to him. It belonged to someone else who had forgot that he left it there in that hotel room. Then he remembered where he left it and went back to retrieve it.
    That is a true story that you can hang your hat on. The story will support the weight of a hat without braking. Was this story supplied by me, or was it supplied by the SMOM?

  9. A furher reality check. When the French Submarine, the Surcouf, went missing, there were British liason personnel on board with it. Well if the crew actually did defect to the SMOM those liason personnel had to be either eliminated or converted to the thinking of the crew.
    If they were converted they would have had to have led a double life for the rest of thier lives. So this is the rather funny part. It would have been safer to do that in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa than in the UK. So a branch of the movement could have started in one or more of these countries shortly after WW2.
    Did these branches take root or die on the vine?

  10. This story may seem like a piece of baloney. But what you may not be considering is that some “liason” sailors from the UK were placed upon the Surcouf because the political loyalties of the crew were in doubt. Comments had been made by crew members while on shore that had been overheard. The thing is, and this should really come as no surprise, these comments were not comments of a pro German or even pro vichy nature. They were comments that were pro Soviet in nature. The engineroom crews of previous navies have been the seed of previous national revolutions.

  11. We live in an ironic world in which huge numbers of people are pretending that something that is practically hamless, the canolli virus, is a great threat to the health and well being of many people while another large group of people are pretending that there is no danger to the health and well being of many people due to climate change.
    Shit, therefore I am going to pretend something too. I am going to pretend that aliens passed on a communications system to someone in Übach_Palenberg Germany about 10 years ago that was even more advanced than the ones that I recieved 13 years ago. Because the one that I recieved were used to get General Solemani, Abu Mahdi al Muhandis, and Robert Levison killed.
    Yes because the aliens are light years ahead of us non aliens they very well knew that that technology that i had passed on were not being used for their intended purpose. As I look back on it now it is hard not to conclude that the aliens knew from the start that what I recieved would not be used for its intended purpose. But there is clearly evidence that the aliens used that misuse of their technology to lure their targets in to a kill zone of their own, for an attack which has not yet been carried out.
    But wait before we get to that not much has been said publically about the death of Robert Levison. Well the reason that no one wants to say anything is because both sides have a lot to loose in talking about it. The Iranians do not want to say how he died because it means that they could not protect him. The Americans do not want to say how he died because not only would they have to admit that they assassinated him, they would have to say why they thought that they were justified in assissinating him.
    But is that story consistent with the idea that forces hostile to the US military commanders located in the Pentagon and their collaborators have more advanced communications technology than the US or its NATO or Asian allies? After all if the aliens are supirior we have they not conducted their ambush?
    The answer is either because I am only pretending, or because the aliens are so supirior that they win without even needing to fight.
    But if they can win without fighting it would seem, at least up to this point, that saving us non aliens is not on the agenda of the aliens. That means that the American Generals and Admirals can get another night of good sleep, and can count on a cushy retired life.
    It would seem that I can not tell a lie. I am only pretending. But I wonder if I can cut someone to the bone even when I am pretending?

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