6 thoughts on “A podium finish

  1. Congratulations.
    My thoughts 2019: Why would anybody in his right mind torture himself voluntarily with that.
    2021: Damn I would really like to be in a crowd of people, even to run a marathon.

  2. Congrats.
    Inspirational for me as my kid now realises we need to exercise to be at peak. After winning 100m in primary, now playing football (soccer) in teens, stamina is required. So has started doing HIIT training without prompt. Double yay. Intrinsic. Looks like I’m going to be coopted to do same. Extrinsic. I’ll move to intrinsic and bike as age demands.

  3. An extraordinary run.

    2nd John Quiggin Time 04:19:46 Net Time 04:18:20

    For comparison, I ran about 20 miles in 3 hrs. as a 16 year old, in a training run “to see if I could do it (20 miles) “. I have no idea if I could have done another 6 miles 385 yards or if I would have “hit the wall”. It is said that “many runners hit the wall around the 18- or 20-mile mark of a marathon.” I had not hit the wall and had reached the finish line I set myself. But wall hitting was well and truly possible in the next 6 odd miles.

    What I did as a 16 y.o. was “unusual” perhaps but J.Q.’s run is extraordinary. I would suggest it makes him conservatively 1 in 100,000 to one in a million for his age. That’s a very high percentile. J.Q’s pace was close to 06 min 07 secs per km. My 20 mile (32.186 k) pace was 05 min 36 sec per km if my use of the calculator is correct. And that’s even if my memory is correct. I did about 20 miles running (jogging) all the way but did I really do it in 3 hrs more or less neat? Memory is not always trustworthy especially from 50 years ago. In any case there is no guarantee at all that I could have done the last 10 k plus. My feeling is that I could have done it even if by walking much of it. But by how much would my time have blown out? I am afraid I have to live on such trivial past “glories”.

    I wonder if my keeping up 05 min 36 sec ks for 32 ks is credible given my best 1500m at the same age was a snail pace 4 min 24 sec? Maybe. It doesn’t seem beyond the bounds of possibility. My other best snail pace times were 2:10 for the 800m (a really bad day) and 55 sec for the 400m. All very poor schoolboy times even for the era, at age 16. And clearly I had no pace and no “kick”.

    Oops, I managed to talk most egotistically all about myself and live in the past while doing so.

    Brilliant run J.Q. I am quite astonished. Keep up the proper health checks..High stresses mean stringent, regular checks should be maintained. A marathon is easy for no-one.

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