7 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Congrats JQ. I hope you have another book brewing.

    Y-UP editors please send a copy to the Wachowskis, Tarantino & Neal Steaphenson.

    Matrix Covid
    Consequences 1
    – Failed to Learn
    (3 more to cime)

    Kill Bill Covid or Covid Kill Bill
    The Pandemic Cut

    Covid Crash
    The Consequences

  2. Congratulations!
    Too late of course but maybe the title should have been in the plural. I assume the book includes some crystal-gazing on future pandemics. At all events, our current way of life – 7bn humans, mass international travel, assaults on wildlife habitats, intensive raising of animals and poultry, growing WTF individualism – pretty much guarantees a recurrence.

  3. Nah. The actor you need is Vincent Price:

    Mr Price is unfortunately dead. Resuscitating him for the project could be feasible with funding from Geoff Bezos, but the Health and Safety people at UQ might look askance at the sacrificial rites.

  4. Congratulations. Now, just need to wait 6 months for the slow wheels of publishing to take their meandering way to book release.

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