While writing my posting about

While writing my posting about TNR, I wondered who would be the first to argue that, since John Malkovich is a well-known actor, it would be stupid to to take seriously a death threat from him. The prize goes to Jason Soon who writes:

“Does the fact that John Malkovich looks like this make his threat to shoot Fisk anymore credible? Obviously a face like that guarantees Mr Malkovich lots of psycho roles but he’s an actor and no one would seriously regard his little burst of gung-ho bullshit as a serious death threat.” (emphasis added).

Do the initials OJS mean anything to you, Jason?

More seriously, I don’t regard death threats of any kind as an appropriate subject for ‘put-downs’ and point-scoring at the expense of the recipient, particularly with respect to an issue where lots of people on both sides have in fact been murdered.