David Morgan weighs in the

David Morgan weighs in the question of whether the fact that John Malkovich is a well-known (and very good) actor means that it would be stupid to take seriously his death threats against George Galloway and Robert Fisk. Picking up my allusion to the initials OJS, he says ‘if Malkovich has been through a violent marriage and an acrimonious divorce with either Fisk or Galloway, I agree they have something to worry about. ‘ So, it seems that it’s only political threats that should be ignored.

My bonus question to David – how about the initials JWB?

To put my position seriously, once more. Any political death threat, whether or not there is any intention of carrying out, is an attack on democracy, and should be condemned unequivocally. Someone who uses such a threat to score points at the expense of the recipient, as The New Republic did, is little better than the person who made the threat in the first place.