Kaus predictability ranking 2.5/3

As I predicted, Mickey Kaus has come back at the NYT report on no-parent families. Let’s see how I scored. I said:
I await Mickey Kaus’ response proving that
(i) the numbers are wrong

Kaus obviously doesn’t believe them, but admits this “needs further study”
“I need to make some calls before deciding if she’s stumbled on to a small, troubling trend in a positive overall picture — or if there’s even less to her story than that.”
(ii) the NYT has misinterpreted them
He argues this on everything from the data itself to the expert responses cited in the report
(iii) in any case, it’s a good thing for children to be separated from welfare-dependent parents.
“”No parent household” or “urban children living without a parent” makes you think these children are running around in empty houses without adult supervision, which they aren’t. They’re typically raised by their grandparents, which (as Wendell Primus notes) can be a good thing — if, say, their mother is a crackhead whose problems were only smoked out when she was required to seek work.”
My score 2.5 out of 3. I confidently expect quibbles about the numbers to make it 3 out of 3 within the week.