Scepticism about Global Warming

Ken Parish sensibly declines my challenge to find 50 climate scientists opposed to the global warming hypothesis, but continues to deny that there is a scientific consensus on the subject. So let me sharpen things up a bit. I assert that at least 95 per cent of climate scientists (and probably 99 per cent) accept the global warming hypothesis, as defined below

To back up my claims, I’ll offer a version of the challenge in which I do the heavy work. I invite Ken (or anyone) to provide a list of independent climate scientists opposed to, or sceptical of, the global warming hypothesis, stated as follows
GWH: Human activity has contributed to global warming over the past century, and, in the absence of policy responses, is likely to generate additional warming of at least 1 degree C over the next century
To recapulate, qualified experts must:
(i) hold an academic or equivalent position in climate science or some closely related field such as meteorology or oceanography (as opposed to, say, areas of physics unrelated to climate modelling)
(ii) have no conflict of interest, such as employment by fossil fuel companies or thinktanks with a stated viewpoint on the issue
For each name supplied, I’ll either
(a) object on grounds (i) or (ii), or failure to demonstrate scepticism
(b) supply 20 names of similarly qualified supporters of GWH, with backup
Assuming I can keep up my end of the challenge, the ratio supports my estimate of 95 per cent support for GWH
(Note: I have deleted a comparison with anti-evolution sceptics which I thought on reflection was unreasonable)