Modest proposals

A little while ago, I put forward a modest proposal to promote peace in the Middle East. Now new blogger Gummo Trotsky at Tug Boat Potemkin has put forward what I can only describe as an immodest (but very funny) proposal on gun control.
In keeping with recent discussion of attribution I’ll remind readers that the original Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift was a rather gruesome way to increase Irish exports.
On another topic, I’ve congratulated Gummo on a great choice of pseudonym – I also like “Derrida Derider” who appeared in my comment thread a while back, and I should also mention Mumble. Pseudonyms raise a natural curiosity. Some pseudonymous bloggers have revealed their secret identities to me and I’m pretty sure about some others, such as Stanley Gudgeon, but all secrets are safe with me. But I think Bargarz, whose comments are often serious and sensible, should consider revealing his true identity. I find it rather incongruous to say “I must agree with Bargarz’ analysis of the Iraqi question …” or similar.
Finally, apologies for not updating my blogroll. The number of bloggers is growing daily, and some sort of classification scheme seems to be necessary. I’ll try and link to all ‘Ozploggers’ of any interest, and I may set up a new category for humorous political & social commentary.