Scott Wickstein has moved

Scott says “I’ve finally got a basic MT blog off the ground- It’s certainly not what I hoped it would be from the visual side of things, and I’m sure I will cop absolute HELL for it from some of the people I’ve written about for it being so lame; be that as it may, it’s up and off the ground. There will be certain tweaking of the code- and any feedback that’s not too complex for me to implement is more then welcome!
Thank you for supporting I hope my new site is even more thought provoking and successful.
The associated sites Ubersportingpundit and Oneblog in September will be up in due course. I hope to have Uber up within a week; OBIS might have to wait till next season.”

This looks like an open invitation (or maybe a troll) to visit Scott’s new site and bag out the design, so head on over