Poverty and inequality

Don Arthur has more on wealth and inequality, a topic that’s been debated at length in recent posts and the ensuing comments threads. Don links to more from Tim Dunlop and a debate that has embroiled, among others, Clive Hamilton, Adele Horin, Mark Latham and Peter ‘the bad’ Saunders of the CIS (so named to distinguish him from Peter ‘the good’ Saunders of the Social Policy Research Centre). I don’t have time for a full statement of my views, but on this issue, I agree more with Arthur, Horin and Latham than with Hamilton and Saunders – not entirely a predictable alignment for me, but variety is the spice of life.

Although it’s obvious, I should clarify that none of the people of mentioned agrees exactly with any of the others, and that overall I agree with Clive on most things.