After the war, part 2

Addressing Iraqi Americans, Wolfowitz has stated that the US will introduce a democratic government in Iraq. There’s a report here. In relation to the Post article cited in an earlier post, Wolfowitz is reported as saying “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers” (this is in the AFR report in today’s print edition, but I don’t have a web source). In a comments thread below, Jack Strocchi has pointed to a similar report from January of a meeting Bush held with Iraqi exiles in which he promised democracy. Unfortunately, most wars in history have been preceded by the making of incompatible promises to a variety of potential supporters, and this looks like no exception.

My question on this is simple. If Bush supports democratic elections in a postwar Iraq, and intends to hold them after dealing with Saddam, why not say so now, unequivocally and publicly, at the same time as proposing his UN resolution ?