A straightforward test

The day after Bush called for a viable Palestinian state and an end to settlements, Sharon has repudiated both. This provides a simple and straightforward test of whether Bush’s word on this issue and on Iraq is worth anything. If it is, he will announced that both Arafat and Sharon have failed to make peace and that it’s time for the world community (either the UNSC or the ‘Quartet’ of great powers) to formulate, impose and enforce a peace plan.

The most promising single route is a UNSC resolution to be debated in parallel with the one dealing with Iraq. Even the Syrians would have a hard time rejecting a pair of resolutions demanding both withdrawal from the West Bank and unconditional Iraqi disarmament.

I’m not expecting much. On the other hand, Bush really wants to go after Saddam, and after the British Parliamentary vote, Blair really needs a second resolution.