I’ve been using Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore for a while, but now I’m going to switch to Amazon. The reason is simple and annoying. B&N have changed their search facility to give approximate matches. For example a search for “Quiggin” produces over 1000 matches, the top ones being books by/about Quinn, Quin-Harkin, Queen Noor and so on. “John Quiggin” works better, but I don’t always know the first names of authors whose books I want to buy. In any case, I don’t like being treated like a moron

You might think from typing “Quinzii” that you want Magill and Quinzii’s Theory of Incomplete Markets, but our computer says you probably meant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, illustrated by Quentin Blake. Well, no, I already have that one, I really did mean Quinzii

I tried voice, writing a complaint the first time I ran into this, but I got no response and the system is still the same. so I’m opting for exit.

By contrast, Amazon gives a listing of exact matches and gives alternatives only if there aren’t any exact matches. This is the kind of treatment I prefer.