KM on GW

I trawled through my hard drive, trying to find something I wrote last year about the IPCC and Ian Castles’ criticism of it. However, Keneth Miles (link malfunctioning for reasons I can’t figure out, use the one in the blogroll) has made most of the points I was going to, and has lots more, including the disappointing news that Castles has joined the Lavoisier Group, an organisation based on the idea that, if we all close our eyes and wish hard enough, the whole problem of global warming will magically disappear.

2 thoughts on “KM on GW

  1. A friend of mine refers to it as the King Canute stance – “The waters are not rising. The waters are not rising …”

  2. What worries me, isn’t that Ian Castles is a member of the Lavoisier Group, but rather that he denied being a member of any group related to climate science, in what appears to me to be an attempt to pass himself as a disinterested party.

    That combined with his use of unpublished data (which contained disclaimers about it) only marginally related to the IPCC, to attack them, strongly suggests to me that he isn’t interested in an even hand appraisal of the economic modeling behind the IPCC projections, but grasping for material, no matter how irrelevant, to attack the IPCC with.

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