Spooky, or what?

I’ve previously mentioned my blogtwin relationship with Tim Dunlop. Not only do Tim and I have the same views on a lot of issues, but we often think of the same posts, to the point where, if I have a good idea, I try to check that Tim hasn’t already posted it.

With my visit to the DC area, the link seems to get even closer. I had a very enjoyable dinner with Tim and his family and (as is fairly typical of me) left my glasses at his house. Next morning, Tim noticed the glasses and I noticed their absence. The problem arising immediately was to pick the appropriately civilised time to call and arrange a return. Tim and I chose exactly the same time, with the result that he got an answering machine and I got a busy signal. Fortunately, it was all cleared up and I can see clearly now. But I can’t help worrying that the blogosphere is generating some sort of obscure psychic network here.

5 thoughts on “Spooky, or what?

  1. I find it strange that you feel that way about Tim’s blog, John. I’ve been reading both for a while, and I think your respective approaches are as different as chalk and cheese, even when your conclusions end up being the same.

    More than that I cannot say without libelling Tim or sucking up to you, either of which would be unseemly!

  2. Eventually silicon-based digital technology will interface with carbon-based neural biology to form a hybrid species which will be defined by it’s re-cognitive modular biology.
    Stand-alone micro-individuals will become networked meta-dividuals.
    The Dunlop-Quiggin morphology may be a primitive proto-type of this form.

  3. Which is the evil twin? Or is it more like that Father Brown story that ends with someone asking Father Brown “which was the good brother?”, and he replies “there was no good brother”?

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