Freedom of speech part 2

Andrew Norton responds to my brief post on neoliberalism and free speech, joining a longstanding debate I’ve had with his Catallaxy colleague Jason Soon, in which I’ve criticised neoliberals, and particularly Hayek, for a lack of commitment to free speech. A few of my posts are here, here and here (if you want the comments threads you’ll need to go through the archives of the old Blogspot site). Here’s one of Jason’s responses.

I’ll say more on this soon, but before the brickbats start flying, I thought I’d throw a bouquet. Norton’s post mentioned that he’d written on political correctness and I found this piece, in what appears to be a preblog precursor of Catallaxy, in the old Geocities domain. Given that, as he says, Norton shares many of the views of the anti-PC brigade on political issues, his rejection of the anti-PC line shows a robust commitment to free speech.

One thought on “Freedom of speech part 2

  1. I guess you could also argue that Hayek and many other classical liberals lack(ed) a commitment to the freedom to choose their shoes. I have seen nothing published on this issue, and so can only conclude that they oppose it like the fascists they are.

    Drugs are illegal and taxes are high. We currently have (relatively) free speech. I think it obvious that classical liberals would concern themselves more often with the former issues.

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