Waiting for Putin

Whether or not the Kyoto Protocol comes into force depends on whether or not the Russian Duman ratifies it. But trying to work out what is going on seems like an exercise in old-style Kremlinology. One Minister they’re all set. Another says it’s months away. It’s not clear whether this is standard interdepartmental argy-bargy (the first minister is environment, the second is economy), angling for some last-minute sweeteners from the EU or something else altogether. Are there still Kremlin-watchers in business and if so can they explain what is going on?

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Putin

  1. Of course, even if the entire planet implement it, it still wont make a difference to temparatures.

    Still symbols are very important to the green-left!

  2. …and global warming scripts are important to the Google-sated mencacious!

    Now, John asked for Kremlin-watchers.


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