Parallel universes

According to today’s Oz editorial,

Perhaps journalists at the ABC and Fairfax newspapers are trapped in a parallel universe where they receive and then report information that seems distorted from what the rest of us hear. This is the most charitable explanation of the reporting of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s speech to the General Assembly during the week. According to one report, Mr Annan “attacked American foreign policy, warning it could stoke terrorism and global chaos”.

Perhaps it’s the same parallel universe as that inhabited by the Voice of America whose story on the same speech was headlined “Annan Condemns Unilateral Military Action”.

9 thoughts on “Parallel universes

  1. You can pick Imre’s editorials a mile off. They’re the ones unencumbered by any familiarity with anything resembling the facts, that just sort of go into undergraduate rants.

  2. I heard that Imre was taking a holiday this week. Or was it Professor Bunyip?, some people confuse them you know

  3. From Bunyipzinsky’s editorial

    *This is a disturbing message for the French. Their permanent membership of the Security Council is now a historical relic, and their anti-Americanism the folly of a fading power that resents its declining status.*

    As opposed to, say, the British, whose membership of the Security Council is certainly no historical relic, and who are by no means a fading power with declining status.

  4. “Can we now say it’s official? The Australian is Fox News in print.”

    what’s the matter, CS, they’re rejecting your stuff too often? during the iraq war people like Gabriel Kolko, doyen of the New Left, were brought back from the dead to be published in the Oz along with other contrarian viewpoints. I know of at least one Oz op-ed person who was strongly anti-war from a conservative realist perspective (this person was responsible for the Kolko scoop). For once a paper that doesn’t recycle the same old banalities as the SMH and it’s just ‘Fox News in print’? I’d bet you’d find more diversity in the Oz than in the SMH.

  5. I don’t want to get too seriously into this Jason. I think we both know the story. I also think we both have good friends in the Oz. Bill Leak is a great mate. Like you, I’m fond of Tommy Switzer. I’ve been reading Stutch since he was a good critical economist with the Fin. I grew up with Stutch for godsakes. I have time for Kelly … etc. And I was happy to write for the Oz as recently as twice in the weeks just before the last election.

    After almost a lifetime of reading – admittedly, largely because I thought I should keep in contact with national news and mainly contrary, but also often quality (my weak point), alternative perspectives – at some stage last year I concluded that it wasn’t worth the daily effort … and now I’ve concluded it’s not even worth it on the weekends either.

    Do your tally Jason, and I’m sure you’ll win. I don’t care. The material is so often so consistently and blatently non-representative of even the most moderate of sensible opinions … I’ll just sneak my look at Bill Leak as I go by.

  6. And for the record Jason .. as he stays up too late writing an article and looking for distractions … I’ve never had anything rejected by the Australian (ooops, sorry, I lied, Helen Trinca rejected my very first ever op-ed for any newspaper … and damn good job she did too). Tom Baby once dudded me in the Fin, but for understandable reasons … one can always be lapped by more immediate currency … perhaps you’ll share your record?

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