Over at Troppo Armadillo, Wayne Wood, discussing Beazley’s contribution to a defence conference, says

Well he would say that wouldn’t he ? (wasn’t that first said by someone else that had something to do with Profumo ?)

This immortal line was indeed first uttered by Mandy Rice-Davies, who is now, I discover, a grandmother living in the United States.

I’ve often thought that a great deal of space could be saved if utterly predictable false statements by politicians and others were replaced by the simple notation MRD. For example, when a political leader is asked whether they are concerned about his or her followers plotting a spill, any response other than “Yes, and I plan to get them before they get me!” could just be reported as “MRD”.

One thought on “MRD

  1. If only you knew the whole story …
    In the case of the dismissal of tenured professor Nona Gerard from Penn State (details here, Brian Leiter cites the generic responseThank you for your email. President Spanier is out of the country so I am responding on his behalf….

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