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I’ve got my Powerbook back, but I’m still recovering from the hard disk crash. I’m only half a day late with the Monday Message Board – back to normal next week, I hope.

Please post your comments on any topic – civilised discussion and no coarse language please.

4 thoughts on “Monday message board

  1. I thought maybe Tuesday was going to be the new Monday, or maybe it was some Queensland thing with not putting the clocks or the decade back or something.

    But I can’t talk – I’m mainly posting to provide a link to the text of the AFR letter I sent in reply to the JQ article on Hegemony vs. Empire. Getting that in finally prodded me into updating my publications page after some five months delay. It’s at and the letter itself is at

    P.S., no emails for a while, please. Occasionally I get a spam with something corrupt on it that closes my reader before it manages to download that or any later messages, and I have to get my ISP to delete the poison message to release the rest. It’s just happened again, and there will be a delay until the ISP does what it should (no doubt after the usual few days while their newest employee tries to email me to ask for more details).

  2. While unqualified to comment, it occurs to me that while a currency union, would obviously create a major political problem, namely Australian economic and political dominance,yet if extended beyond NZ to the micro states of the SW Pacific, for example Niue and Nauru, and perhaps include East Timor, it may also generate greater social and economic stability. One effect of a currency union is to encourage internal trade, which would be beneficial to Australia’s disappearing manufacturing industry. The next move might then be to join a broader currency union. Or can relatively small currencies such as the AUD, NZD and the Swiss Franc continue to survive and prosper as they appear to be doing at the moment?

  3. welcome back. There must be something going around with Macs at the moment, my ibook was out of action for two weeks over Christmas. something in the power grid maybe.

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