Assimilated by the Blorg?

Following my visit a month or so ago, I’ve decided to join the Crooked Timber collective. When I polled readers around the same time, the response was, as usual, in favour of the status quo, but I think the arrangements I’ve made will be a Pareto-improvement. I’ll continue to run this blog as normal, but posts I think appropriate to CT will also appear there. As far as I can tell, the overlap in readership is quite small.

One complication is that for posts appearing here and on CT, there will be two separate comments threads. I don’t think this is too much of a difficulty – the same issue arises when I put up several posts on the same topic, and it’s analogous to the case in comment systems that support multithreading.

Looking ahead, I’m planning on moving from mentalspace to a domain of my own. I see that Robert Corr who originally set me up on mentalspace, has just done the same. Although one can never tell, I hope the new arrangements will last for quite some time.

4 thoughts on “Assimilated by the Blorg?

  1. Welcome aboard! I’m very pleased (and more than a little flattered) that you decided to join our little crew.

    Good luck trying to decide which posts should go just on your own blog, which just on CT and which on both. I’ve been trying to guess which posts are more suitable for which audiences for months now without much luck. In the short term I’d recommend erring on the side of posting to both places when you’re not sure. But I’m biased because I’d like to see more Australian content on CT.

  2. I am the canary in the Crooked Timber coal mine. Of all the blogs I used to read regularly, now 90% of them have become part of Crooked Timber.

  3. If you’re concerned about having two comment threads, doesn’t MT allow you to selectively turn off commenting for a certain post? You could include a link that says “cross-posted at CT, comment there” in the JQ version (or vice-versa). The question is whether the inconvenience to the readers, and the loss of comments due to the bother of having to click over to the other site, is worth the convenience of having a single comment thread.

    What would be really nifty, though I don’t know if this is technologically feasible at all, would be to have the comment link on JQ posts directly call up the CT comment thread (or vice-versa).

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