5 thoughts on “Copyright and copywrong

  1. Isn’t it nice to see everyone get behind our noble choice for the Australian of the year!

    I’m glad to see that you all have provided solid evidence regarding Steve’s sledging antics and not just relied on hearsay.

    Cricket is a very mental game. Steve not only led from the front in his attitude in tough situations but he has unamous respect from his profession. Sometimes I wonder whether people can distinguish a ‘poker face’ from a ‘joker face’… obviously not!

    What is that they say??? The right likes all individuals but hates everybody. The left likes everyone and hates…. Steve Waugh???

  2. What is ecto? (OK, I followed the link … boy, did that help … talk about needing to write jargon-free english … I mean, what is ecto?)

  3. It’s like a word processor for blogging. It brings up a window in which you can edit the post, with nicer features than in MT or blogger, then you click “Post” and it does the rest.

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