Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away

Alexander Downer, in today’s Australian

But, of course, if the international community knew early last year what it knows now about Saddam’s WMD programs, there would have been less debate in the Security Council about the appropriate action. Kay’s report shows that removing Saddam was the only way the international community could be assured that he would no longer threaten anyone with WMDs. Far from unstuck, the WMD case is proven.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away

  1. Alexander, bless his little cotton socks, is deluded. Perhaps he should go and rest somewhere. We could probably arrange a bed somewhere and a nice dose of psychotropic medication to bring him back to the reality that the rest of the world recognises. One of the defining features of psychosis, is, of course, being out of touch with reality.

  2. Where or what are these WMD programs? Mothballed factories and laboratories? Or is it archived files detailing how to restart building the WMDs? Notes from Saddam’s deskdraw?

    What are they?

  3. Saddam didn’t convince the US enough that he didn’t have them? Can anybody honestly state how he could of?

    And this is not support for Saddam Hussein, but the foolish and reckless tactics used by the US have made the task at hand (suppressing terrorism) so much more difficult.

    Now we are stuck with the situation that if the US cannot make a successful fist of its current crisis in Iraq, we will all be paying the price.

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