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My long-threatened change of hosts has finally come to pass. This is an occasion for lots of thanks. First, to Rob Corr who helped me make the move from Blogger to Movable Type, set me up on mentalspace and gave lots of technical support along the way. Second to everyone associated with mentalspace.ranters.net – I’ve enjoyed your company. And last but not least to Brad Choate, author, among many other things, of the marvellous Textile plugin for MT, who’s now doing my hosting, and guided me carefully through the process of transferring the blog.

In the process, I’ve managed to recover a large number of posts lost in the great database disaster . There’s still a gap of a couple of months (maybe I was hanging out with GWB in the Air Force Reserve), but I have hopes of restoring the entire blog in due course.

Please update bookmarks, links and so on.

10 thoughts on “Welcome !

  1. Testing.

    This new one is like the old one, in that it gives my old browser spurious alert messages everywhere I navigate, and it doesn’t wrap around when I post (that’s why some of my posts are a little disjointed).

    Brad De Long’s site is similar but worse, since it’s far slower loading (no doubt slowed by handling those spurious alerts) and whenever I try to post it doesn’t accept it, and even sometimes crashes my browser. That’s mainly what I’m testing for, to see if your new site is still accessible.

  2. It seems that the comments threads are all starting afresh, creating a parallel universe, an experimental blogologist’s paradise… Will the flow of ideas revert to some deterministic path, or follow a random walk?

  3. I’ve found manual IP banning to work OK, but I thought I would have a day or so before they found me in which to copy over my banned list. It’s done now, so with any luck this particular louse should be out of my hair.

  4. Actually, some of the spam is undiscovered art: for example, Simona’s contribution to the Monday Message Board. If Max Harris were alive I’d send it to him without hesitation.

  5. While it is possible to call up old posts by John using the search function, I cannot see how to access the comments threads associated with them. Is it possible to do this, or have they all been lost?

  6. Tom, I hoping to salvage them – there was a lot of very useful material including your own contributions. Stay tuned!

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