Some pleasant news

I’m happy to say that I’ve been selected as an Australian Citation Laureate for 2004. This is more or less the equivalent of a high rank in the blog ecosystem, something which I have certainly not attained – perhaps this is a signal that I shouldn’t give up my day job.

To push the analogy a bit further, a citation is the academic equivalent of a link from one paper to another (these days, with electronic publication, citations may actually be hyperlinks). As in blogging, it’s better to be cited adversely than not to be cited at all. Citation counts are even trickier than blog hit counts (do you count all authors in multi-authored paper, self-citations etc etc). The Technorati of the citation business is Thomson ISI who publish citation indexes for the sciences, social sciences and humanities and who give the “citation laureate” awards.

I’m in Canberra to collect the award right now, but it’s a flying visit so no time to catch up with fellow-bloggers. Maybe next time.

8 thoughts on “Some pleasant news

  1. It goes to the academic in a given field who is cited most frequently by other academics. As John points out, it’s sort of like Blogdex.

  2. John, There are economies here. Thomson sell more citation services, you increase your fame by not only having written much but by being publicly advertised as having written much. Its the ‘self-love’ economy that synergises with blogging — it grows and grows. Never had a traffic ticket? Need to watch surf carnivals on widescreen TV? Don’t like libertarians but go for grok novels and karate? Vicariously enjoyed this self-indulgence and will return on occasion.

  3. Congratulations are in order to Pr Q for pulling in another gong.
    I must say the glittering prizes seem to be falling into his lap with monotonous regularity these days, what with the award of a Federation Fellowship, then Fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) and now Citation Laureate.
    I wonder what his legions of detractors on the Right, eg former Minister Alston, must make of all these kudos. It must be very confusing and bewildering for them.

  4. These gongs are all very fine and worthy, but what we want to know is, what gown he wore to the award and were poorly paid outworkers involved in its manufacture.

    Which blonde was on his arm and is there any truth to the rumour?

    Was there citation stacking involved?

    Were the ‘TV Week’ votes rigorously scrutinised?

    Did he forget anyone significant in his acceptance speech?

  5. Australian Citation Laureates
    Congratulations to Frank Jackson and John Quiggin for being selected as Australian Citation Laureates, whatever they are! (Story via John Quiggin, who suggests it’s something like having a blog with lots of incoming links.)…

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