For those who want to inform themselves of the situation in Darfur (Western Sudan), I’ve put up a report from the International Crisis Group (PDF file). , via Sudan: The Passion of the Present.

This opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof is also worth reading.

Clearly this is one of the biggest disasters happening in the world at present, and we should all be concerned about it. I want to learn and think more before committing myself, and my very limited resources of persuasion, to a particular course of action, but time is short. glucophage xl side effects

2 thoughts on “Darfur

  1. The problem with Darfur is that the resistance to the government is less organised than in the non-Muslim areas in the central-south. The SPLA appears not to have a jurisdiction in Darfur. The situation has deescalated elsewhere, in part due to the fine work of the United States envoy John Danforth, who has taken a confidence building mediation approach to the contesting parties.

    The Government has thus recently turned its guns elsewhere, and it’s not pretty. As the resistance appears to be much weaker in Darfur, what is required is nothing less than the insertion of non-blue helmet peacekeepers, backed up with helicopter gunships to counter the Janjaweed horsemen.

    As the victims in Darfur, unlike Upper Nile (where many of the pre-2002 atrocities occured), are Muslim, it shouldn’t be too hard for a Democrat administration to get involved in early 2005. I understand that last sentence was highly loaded, but it’s the damned truth of the mentality of the Democrats. Instead, this time there is in fact a real ethnic cleansing campaign, unlike the fictitious Kosovo genocide that duped the world last time round.

  2. JQ, this isn’t a recent development it has been going on for well over a decade.
    Clinton didn’t want to know about Sudan whereas Bush to his credit has tried to do something.

    It is somwhat ratifying to see the Western World waking to the evil being perpetrated there.

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