On the road

I’m off today on my long-planned trip to Jerusalem and Paris. Posting will be intermittent (not, I hope, nonexistent),so feel free to use this post to start up any new discussion you like.

For those who want something to chew on, Ken Parish has returned to the fray with a series of excellent and thought-provoking posts. This one manages to move effortlessly from Gen X to economic growth in China and there’s also a discussion of Latham’s values.

Update My connections are working OK so far, but then, I’ve only got as far as Brisbane airport

7 thoughts on “On the road

  1. As no one else has responded, I’ll plump for Bob – I don’t think anyone would ever see me as a matinee idol.

  2. Oops, didn’t read that properly.

    Ah-ha! Hope? A comedian? Woohoo, multi-talented!

    Safe Journey

  3. Enjoy your travels. Provided you can avoid suicide bombers I envy your chance to visit historic Jerusalem and hope you will give a posting on that. Have a safe journey.

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