Down to Gehenna

I can remember discovering, with something of a shock, that Armageddon was a real place (modern Megiddo). So, I shouldn’t have been too surprised to find out today that Gehenna is the name of a valley near Jerusalem, bearing no obvious marks of being on the road to eternal damnation. I also got to see Golgotha and Mount Zion – I don’t think my reading of Biblical allusions will be quite the same after this.

5 thoughts on “Down to Gehenna

  1. JQ, I don’t think you will find Gehenna referred to as Armageddon in the O/T or Hebrew bible depending on your view.

  2. Gehenna was the rubbish dump in the first century so it was a smoky, burning, rotting place.
    I hope you sang ‘Always look on the bright side’ at Golgotha

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